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New Year’s weekend letters from seniors about GIS clawback

"If ever there was a time to help vulnerable seniors..."

Monday January 3, 2022 | NATIONAL

LETTERS posted by Island Social Trends

Over the New Year’s long weekend, Island Social Trends received two more letters from seniors who are impacted by the federal clawback of the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS):

  • Hello, I have recently been cut off my guaranteed income support. My rent is $1,282 and my income without GIS is $1,244, Not even enough to pay my rent let alone food and bills. If ever there was a time to help vulnerable seniors now would be the time. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. ~ Teri Dennis, Ontario
  • Mr. Trudeau and Liberal Government: This is my breakdown of the CERB clawback. Say you’re a poor senior on GIS and you’re walking down a street in 2020, you read a paper and see a way of getting ahead with food and other very necessary bills etc. So you apply for the CERB and get it. Then you get beaten down for taking the CERB, thanks to the clawback in 2021. Now with all your talk of helping the retired poor, how the hell do you see this clawback as helping the retired poor people of this country of ours? ~ Bob Maxwell, Sidney, BC

Obviously it was another rough start to the month if seniors don’t have enough money to pay the rent.

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The Guaranteed Income Supplement was lost by as many as 88,000 low-income seniors starting July 2021 for having taken CERB/CRB in 2020.

We’ve been receiving letters about the GIS clawback since August of last year (see archive below).

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