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NDP rolls into 44th Parliament with priorities to help people

Monday November 22, 2021 | NATIONAL

by Mary P Brooke, Editor | Island Social Trends

Three top things! The climate crisis impacts on people and communities, the housing affordability crisis, and getting low-income seniors and families back on the financial supports that were lost due to taking pandemic supports were the top issues for NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh today ahead of the 44th Parliament getting rolling in the House of Commons today.

More money needs to be invested infrastructure and homes, Singh said in his media session at 10:30 am in Ottawa (7:30 am Pacific Time).

Restoring clawbacks:

Specifically on the clawbacks of GIS and the child benefit, Singh articulated that people took support in 2020 and now they’re getting less help in 2021. The NDP is going to “push” to get that fixed. “People should not be worse off now if they needed help in the pandemic,” said Singh. | See several months of GIS clawback letters & articles here, the Seniors Minister’s comments (November 8, 2021), and the NDP pledge to fix the GIS clawback (November 9, 2021).

Helping people:

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Earlier in the day, the Liberals announced they would protect health-care workers and facilities, and the NDP will support that. The NDP want to see the environment as a priority; they want to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

But the NDP will not support anything “that hurts people”, said Singh.

Housing crisis regardless of income:

He was clear and articulate on the housing crisis. Not only is it a matter of supply, but the current cost of housing of all types is challenging people “from all walks of life” — people with a good job, low-income or no income. “They cannot find a place they can afford.”

Will the NDP work with the Liberals to pass legislation? If it fits within what the NDP are looking for in ‘fighting for people’, then “let’s do it!”, said Singh regarding about voting in favour of legislation proposed by the Liberals.

Listening to the whole thing:

You can find the full November 22, 2021 NDP Leader’s press conference on CPAC.

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