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Subscribers get a curated ENews digest by email monthly, and also a PDF of the bi-weekly print edition PDF starting 2024. Paying advertisers get a free Premium Subscription.

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1. FILL OUT THE “YES I WANT TO SUBSCRIBE” FORM BELOW. We will see your incoming request to become a Premium Subscriber.

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2. WE WILL EMAIL YOU AN INVOICE. Just $86.96+GST for 1 year (equivalent to $1.67/week). You can pay by e-transfer, credit card (over the phone), or cheque. Or we can process $7.89+GST monthly using your credit card (cancel at any time). Call 250-217-5821 for details or inquire to subscriptions@islandsocialtrends.com.

Thank you for subscribing! Journalism is made possible by the function of a thriving publishing industry and contributes to an open democracy.

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If you can’t subscribe at this time, please read the articles at IslandSocialTrends.ca … we appreciate the hits! ~ Sincerely, Mary P Brooke, Editor & Publisher

Page last updated: October 21, 2023