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Welcome to businesses, organizations, school districts, all levels of government. 

istTo advertise your 2022 municipal campaign to a west shore and Greater Victoria audience, please contact Island Social Trends at 250-250-5821.

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Your ad in this news portal and our ENEWS to subscribers reaches attentive readers with a higher-than-average awareness of current issues. Local, regional and national audience streams.

We’d love to hear from you! Phone 250-217-5821 or write to: clientservices@islandsocialtrends.com 

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Businesses, organizations and municipalities are invited to market their products and services in the Island Social Trends news portal, subscriber ENews, and upcoming online store. Includes a range of exposures in social media. Inquiries to: clientservices@islandsocialtrends.com  

Reach our broad attentive readership through the Island Social Trends news stream here at www.islandsocialtrends.ca (formerly West Shore Voice News), and direct to our ENews Subscribers, as well as to followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

2022 AD PACKAGES are friendly to COVID-budgets. To develop a marketing package for your business or organization, please contact the publisher for a suitable marketing package for your business or organization’s promotion. 

Design services available or send post-ready files. Request 2022 Island Social Trends digital advertising rate sheet.


IST, mainONLINE ADS (on this website): Display ads reach a range of attentive informed readers in the South Vancouver Island area and beyond, including target audiences in education, business, health, politics, technology and social issues.

Digital ad placements at www.islandsocialtrends.ca include the leaderboard (top of every page, with good presence on mobile phones), as well as: 

  • Sidebars: Ads posted on rotating basis in specific sidebars on this website: main page, and alongside articles by region and topic.
  • Banner inserts within articles (ask about off-season discounts and stand-by for cheaper rates).
  • Anchor page:  short article ad with your ad as the feature image, stays online indefinitely.
  • Calendar page: text listings free; single-fee for display ad for any length of time.

Island Social Trends, logoENEWS Digest to Digital Subscribers 

ENEWS Ads:  Display ad sizes the same as for sidebars.

    • Inquire about per-issue insertion rates. 
    • Can be the same sidebar or banner ad from the online portal, morphed over into the ENews.
    • Ideal for short-term target marketing, or long-time commitment. You set the number of insertions.


Online and direct to subscribers

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Subscribe to Island Social Trends: free, economy or premium.
  • Island Social Trends is an opportunity for businesses, government, community leaders and others to reach a distinct audience of attentive, inquisitive readers on the west side of Vancouver Island, around the Greater Victoria and south Vancouver Island areas, and beyond. We focus on current local news, BC/national news that affects local communities, and often drill down on certain topic areas such as the socioeconomics of health, education and lifestyle sustainability.
  • Your advertising commitment helps support this locally-owned and operated news-insight publication which serves an attentive community-connected readership in the south Vancouver Island region and beyond.
  • We are a well established news outlet, published since 2008 by Brookeline Publishing House Inc. Started as a quarterly colour print magazine (2008-2010), expanding to weekly as print/PDF (January 2011 to mid-March 2020), and then shifted to being a fully online daily news portal as of mid-March 2020.
  • All news is available to online readers (supporting our philosophy of informing the community without barrier). Our many long-time ENews subscribers receive a digest of all posted articles.
  • Respect for journalism and for readers. We respect the reader’s time and headspace. Writing is intended to inform and enlighten with meaningful commentary, always to professional Canadian journalism standards.
  • Island Social Trends supports young journalists as freelancers and Canada Summer Jobs employees. We are helping train a new generations of attentive journalism. In 2021 we have launched the Island Social Trends Journalism Scholarship. Advertisers and subscribers support these goals.
  • Exposure in social media. Client advertisements are in seen within Island Social Trends posts in Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In.
  • News Content & Feature Articles.
    • Regular news articles to professional journalism standards.
    • Articles about businesses and organizations are presented with news value.
    • Ad copy-writing and design services available (fee applies).


  • Design fees: Ad bookings are subject to a basic design/setup fee (or submit post-ready to avoid that fee).
  • Linking: ads will be linked to your website, Facebook or email address (some exceptions apply).
  • Tech: All ads are in colour.  [RGB, 72 dpi, jpg]. 
  • Billing: You will be issued a booking contract and invoice upon booking your ad.
  • Timeline: Ads are posted as arranged (can be immediate, within 24 hours, or within 3 days of receipt). Or specify a target live-date.

FOR PLACEMENT IN THIS WEB PORTAL at www.islandsocialtrends.ca (72 dpi, RGB, jpg)

  • Sizes (updated January 3, 2022) – width x depth (pixels)
    • SIDEBAR – MAIN: E1 – 300 x 250 | E2 – 300 x 300 | E3 – 300 x 425
    • SIDEBAR – ARTICLES: E4 – 300 x 250 | E5 – 300 x 300 | E6 – 300 x 425
    • LEADERBOARD (BANNER at top of every page): E7 728 x 90
    • PAGE INSERT (BANNER): E8 – 468 x 90 | E9 – 468 x 180
    • PAGE INSERT (SQUARE): E10 – 200 x 200 | E11 – 250 x 250
    • ANCHOR PAGE: E12 – informational advertiser feature (utilizes E2 or E5 ad as feature image).


  • Sizes (updated January 3, 2022) – width x depth (pixels)
    • S1 – 250 x 250 [same size as E11]
    • S2 – 300 x 300 [same size as E2, E5]
    • S3 – 300 x 425 [same size as E3, E6]
    • S8 – 468 x 90 [same size as E8]
    • S9 – 468 x 180 [same size as E9]

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