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Sooke mayoral candidate Kevin Pearson gets endorsement from former mayor

by Mary P Brooke ~ West Shore Voice News

Saturday, October 13 ~ SOOKE.  In the Sooke municipal race where the two leading candidates are scrapping now for every last undecided vote, it says a lot that former Sooke Mayor Wendal Milne (2011-2014) has given his endorsement to Kevin Pearson to be the next mayor of the fast-growing District of Sooke.

What’s even more significant, is that in 2014 Milne had given his election season support to then-mayoral-candidate Maja Tait. After one term as mayor, Tait is now the incumbent, and seeing an upsurge among independent voters who are looking to make sure they make the right choice in this 2018 election.

Tait has a strong ground-game with key players from the Transition Sooke movement and local pockets of professionals, much of the arts-side of the volunteer community, and to some extent the Chamber of Commerce. She is campaign-supported by long-time Sooke political activist Diane Bernard.

kevin pearson, sooke
Sooke mayoral candidate Kevin Pearson gets endorsement from former Sooke Mayor Wendal Milne.

Pearson has lived in Sooke all his life, but has succeeded in building a broader-world career, rising to the top of Canada Post for south Vancouver Island as presently its Operations Manager where he manages over 650 personnel. In Sooke he is well integrated into the local business and volunteer community.

Pearson received this endorsement from former Mayor Wendal Milne this past week. “Sooke is at a crossroads and we need strong leadership going forward. Kevin Pearson is an experienced leader responsible for 650 employees at Canada Post. As Sooke moves forward the District needs a full time Mayor. Kevin Pearson should be that full time Mayor and has my support.”

Milne has been a director on the BC Transit Commission board since December 2017. During his 2011-2014 term as Sooke mayor he oversaw a successful upgrade of how the District prepares its annual budget.

Says Pearson: “I am very grateful to Wendal Milne, whose support means a lot to me. I’ll do my best to carry on his legacy of valuing our community today and ensuring future generations continue to have the very best that Sooke has to offer.”