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Urban food resilience directions in Langford

Presentations to committees of Langford council: June 12 and July 25, 2023

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Growing food in your own back yard can contribute to budget resilience and better health.

Friday June 9, 2023 | LANGFORD, BC [Updated 4:10 pm]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

A presentation about Urban Food Resilience in Langford will be made to each of the two committees of the City of Langford council:

  • Sustainable Development Advisory Committee – Monday June 12, 2023 – 7 pm
  • Community Advisory Committee – Tuesday July 25, 2023 – 7 pm

The presenter is Mary P Brooke who will offer her concepts and background in things that impact food resilience for households and communities. She holds a B.Sc. in Foods and Nutrition, with a community education and sociology component.

urban food, resilience, mary p brooke, langford
Food Realities – part of the Urban Food Resilience in Langford platform by Mary P Brooke, June 12, 2023.

For years, Brooke has been a proponent of people growing food in their own back yards, for reasons of resilience (cost), carbon footprint (no drive to the store), and health impacts (fresh food at optimal nutrient level). She has long been a proponent of optimal nutrition.

In March she presented an information booth about food security at the Sooke Seedy Saturday, at which many people engaged in conversation about food growing and food prices.

In her work as a journalist, Mary Brooke has amassed a wide range of information and insights about how individuals, families, communities, businesses and governments are approaching the many facets and challenges of food sustainability. Housing growth and urban planning momentum in Langford is a key part of the timeliness of this presentation.

mary p brooke
Mary P Brooke, Editor, Island Social Trends, has developed a platform for exploring Urban Food Resilience.

Mary P Brooke has built a Food Security Archive within Island Social Trends.

The committee meetings will be livestreamed by the City of Langford.


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