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Tree planting event on Earth Day in Langford

Monday April 10, 2023 | LANGFORD, BC

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

Want to plant a tree in Langford on Earth Day?

You can do that on Saturday April 22 at the Langford Earth Day event at Willing Park. Residents are welcome to attend, to participate as Parks staff guide the process.

Participants are encouraged to walk, cycle or roll to the event, though for some the distance to arrive at the park will require a vehicle, especially with kids in tow. Public transit is another option.

willing park, langford
Willing Park is on Wild Ridge Way (off Happy Valley Road) in Langford, BC. [Google map]

Tree-planting by the public will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

paperbark maple, tree
Paperbark Maple is deciduous.

Types of trees:

Seedlings (sapplings) of Douglas Fir, Red Cedar and possibly Hemlock are 30 cm tall, only a year old. Easy to plant.

“We will be providing shovels, spades, etc. so the public can dig their own small holes for the seedlings,” says Parks Administrative Coordinator Megan Treleaven.

douglas fir
Douglas Fir is an evergreen.

The larger trees will be Paperbark Maple, Redbud, June Snow Dogwood, Dove Tree/Kleenex Tree, Siberian Larch and Siberian Spruce. Tree pits for the larger trees will be marked and prepped and Parks staff will be in attendance to assist.

Tree locations:

The larger trees will be located within and around the perimeter of the new grass area at Willing Park (which is approximately 3,380 sq m or 36,382 sq ft). “We will also plant up already treed areas if we have enough seedlings,” says Treleaven.

Three-hour event:

The event runs 10 am to 1 pm. Participants can drop-in and stay as long as they like.

There will be light refreshments and e-bike demos as well.

A person’s overall stay would be anywhere from about 30 minutes to a few hours depending on how many trees they would like to plant.

willing park, map, langford
Willing Park is on Wild Ridge Way (off Happy Valley Road) in Langford, BC. [Google map]


This is a family-friendly. Kids must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

earth day, langford

If people bring their dogs, the dogs must be on a leash on the field, or off-leash in the designated off-leash area next to the field.

Invasive species action:

Parks staff will also be removing some invasive species on April 22, and will welcome the public’s help.

About Earth Day:

Earth Day was first celebrated on 22 April in 1970, often considered as the birth of the environmental movement. Over the years, Earth Day has become the largest participatory environmental movement on the planet.

For Earth Day 2023, EarthDay.org asks people to “act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). Businesses, governments, and citizens — everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable”. A partnership for the planet.

ist, main
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“The time is now to create a generation of citizens, workers, students, and leaders ready for climate change. We need public understanding of how to stop climate change and environmental harm,” says EarthDay.org.

In addition to planting trees, other types of activities suggested for Earth Day include enhancing your climate literacy, managing the use of plastics, using your voting power to support environmental protection, doing cleanup efforts in natural environments, and choosing/using clothes sustainably.


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