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Pacific FC captures Season 3 North Star

A win #ForTheIsle as Pacific FC beats Forge FC 1-0 | Parade in Langford in Feb 2022

Sunday December 5, 2021 | LANGFORD, BC [Updated Dec 23, 2021 – parade in Langford now aiming for Feb 2022]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

At half time, the scoreboard showed 0-0. Pacific FC had been playing a methodical but tempered game, after Forge FC claimed territory in the first 11 minutes of the game.

In the first half, commentators said Pacific FC seemed to be “missing identity or threat to their game”. But in watching the game, PFC players seemed consistent and steady on the field.

Pacific FC vs Forge FC at Tim Horton’s Field in Hamilton, Dec 5, 2021. [OneSoccer]

At 59 minutes, things changed. The first goal of the game put Pacific FC one point ahead. And that’s where the score stayed til the end, wrapping up with 1-0 for the PFC side.

Pa-Modou Kah, coach, PFC
Pacific FC Coach Pa-Modou Kah on-field after the win in Hamilton, Dec 5, 2021. [Screenshot]

The one goal was by 21-year-old midfielder Alessandro Hojabrpour (jersey 21), only his second goal of the season. The assist was by attacker Gianni dos Santos (jersey 24).

At 64:49 there was a goal attempt by PFC again, but that fell through.

The game went past the 90-minute game time, with some penalty minutes allowed to Forge FC. But Pacific FC took it down to the finish.

A wet cold day:

For fans at the Tim Horton’s stadium and on the sidelines, there was heavy rain, sleet and snow to deal with, on top of pacing along with the stakes of the game.

Preparation paid off:

It was mental preparation that held the Pacific FC team together through this game, under pressure against two-time champions.

Pacific FC Coach Pa-Modou Kah gave some clues in the post-match media session: “We saved the best for last. Then when it matters the most, you know you can get the job done.”

Normally PFC plays offensively, but this time they held back and paced themselves, as a technique to tire out the opponent.

Putting Langford on the map:

Rob Friend, CEO, PFC
Pacific FC CEO Rob Friend happy that his team won the third season, Dec 5, 2021 in Hamilton. [Screenshot]

For Pacific FC team owners this is a big feather in their cap, and plays into furthering their City of Langford home-base on the map as a national sports capital.

The team ownership and the city have made a big investment in the stadium and building the profile of the team.

On the field after the game, Pacific FC CEO Rob Friend was clearly pleased to be holding the North Star trophy.

This somewhat come-from-behind victory (PFC didn’t reach the finals in the first and second seasons) comes as the CPL is looking to add a Vancouver team to their league in 2023. And already some hints of who might coach there… OneSoccer game commentators today were saying how this win for Pa-Modou Kah sets him in line for a burgeoning coaching career.

Man of the Match:

Alessandro Hojabrpour is obviously being promoted now as “Man of the Match”.

Travelling back:

The Pacific FC team arrives back in Victoria at 4:30 pm on Monday.

Social media:

PFC, Alessandro Hojabrpour
Man of the Match – PFC’s Alessandro Hojabrpour, for his goal in the Dec 5, 2021 game vs Forge FC.

Social media tags for today’s game: #ForTheIsle | #PacificFC | #CanPL | #PACvFOR

Parade in February:

The City of Langford will host a parade in February (after the current set of COVID restrictions during the Omicron wave), to celebrate the winning team.

PFC, Forge, stats
Match Stats for the Dec 5, 2021 PFC vs Forge FC game in Hamilton.[CPL]
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