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London Drugs gradual recovery: 23 stores reopened including one in downtown Victoria

The London Drugs store at 911 Yates St in Victoria is fully open (May 5).

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London Drugs store in Colwood, BC on May 2, 2024 -- their 5th day of being closed due to a cyberattack. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

Sunday May 5, 2024 | COLWOOD, BC [Updated May 6, 2024]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

After a week of London Drugs stores being closed due to a cybersecurity attack, yesterday the Western Canada retail chain started methodically opening their stores again, one by one.

Last night a first batch of 14 stores was opened (including one in Nanaimo and one in Campbell River. but none in Greater Victoria). [See update of 39 London Drugs stores now open.]

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As London Drugs reopens its stores across Western Canada after an April 28, 2024 cybersecurity incident, five store are reopened on Vancouver Island as of Sunday afternoon, May 5, 2024. [London Drugs]

Now on Sunday there are 23 stores reopened including the downtown Victoria store at 911 Yates Street. [*As of 1 pm on Sunday May 5 now the Courtenay store is open.]

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Signage out front of the London Drugs store in Colwood, BC on May 2, 2024 explaining about the store closure. [Island Social Trends]

Now one store is open in Kelowna.

Now four stores are open in Alberta (two in Edmonton, one in Calgary, one in Lethbridge), and one that opened in Saskatoon yesterday is still the only Saskatchewan store that has reopened. No stores open in Manitoba so far.

There are 80 stores in the entire chain across four western provinces: BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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For a list of stores that are currently open, see: STORES THAT HAVE REOPENED

“Please note that during our gradual reopening, some stores may not be open fully during regular operating hours. Thank you for your patience as we work with each store to ensure it is operating fully to meet all the needs of our customers,” London Drugs stated yesterday.

colwood, london drugs, retail
London Drugs Colwood storefront has two security personnel at the door to explain to customers what is available on site while the store is otherwise closed, May 2, 2024. [Island Social Trends]

What’s open in all stores:

• London Drugs Pharmacists are on-site at all store locations to assist with emergency prescriptions and other urgent care.

• Canada Post locations within stores are accessible.

• The Insurance Services Call Centre is open and helping customers with insurance needs. London Drugs’ Customer Care is also available at 1-888-991-2299. If needs are urgent, customers should visit their local store in-person during regular business hours for immediate support.

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