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Horgan’s last speech to municipal leaders

Friday September 16, 2022 | WHISTLER, BC

by Mary P Brooke, Editor | Island Social Trends

Premier John Horgan today delivered his last speech to the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) in his role as leader of the provincial government.

The 2022 UBCM convention has been held in Whistler this week.

He noted to the municipal leader delegates that for many of them the last four years have been very challenging. Some are not running again due to the level of challenge through the COVID pandemic, extreme weather impacts, and economic recovery, and that others will be ‘retired’ by the voters in their communities.

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Premier John Horgan addressing over 80 people about the new post secondary campus in Langford, August 3, 2022. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

“You wouldn’t worry about what people thought of you if you realized how little they do,” was one of the pieces of sage advice from Horgan to community leaders under intense pressure on the job.

He reminded that elected office is for the purpose of serving communities, not the perceived level of glitz and glamour, or what he also referred to as “theater or performance art”. He meanwhile acknowledged the media with their cameras as doing their job.

Horgan proudly noted that his cabinet is comprised of more women than men, to a hearty applause from the audience.

John Horgan has been the Premier of BC since July 2017 when — with the aid of a Supply and Confidence Agreement with the BC Greens — he formed an NDP government that has worked ferociously at a break-neck pace ever since, putting in place the many changes that align with his party’s vision of people first.

Horgan mentioned the late Dave Barrett (Premier of BC from September 15, 1972 to December 22, 1975) as the curator of Whistler, but also as the premier who eliminated the strap in public education.

He managed to squeeze in mention of his home location in the Langford-Juan de Fuca riding.

The outgoing Premier hopes that future UBCM conventions — like this year’s — will be an opportunity to hear from municipal representatives about their communities’ needs rather than an annual event at which to expect financial handouts (as a form of bonus or incentive, he implied).

Horgan wrapped up by saying that he is “inspired by the people of BC” as well as the municipal leaders there. He described public service as “it’s not easy work but it’s honourable work”.

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Media session after the speech:

Notes to come

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