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Eby preludes Budget 2023 in 100-day speech

Another cost-of-living credit coming in April 2023

david eby, premier, 100 days
Premier David Eby gave an overview of his first 100 days, in Surrey on Feb 25, 2023. [livestream]

Saturday February 25, 2023 | VICTORIA, BC [Click here for BC Budget 2023 analysis – February 28, 2023]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

In his live streamed speech this afternoon from Surrey, Premier David Eby have a high-level summary of where his NDP government will head with BC Budget 2023.

The budget will be released this coming week on Tuesday February 28, at 2 pm with a three-year plan. The new Finance Minister is Katrine Conroy.

Saying that “budgets are all about choices”, Eby’s quick overview of NDP government budget priorities were overviewed as including affordable housing, expanding access to health care including mental health and addictions, helping people pursue their dreams and businesses to find the talent they need (by supporting the post-secondary education budget), and reducing everyday costs for people.

eby, treaty 8
Judy Desjarlais, Chief of Blueberry River First Nations and BC Premier David Eby, forging the agreement, Jan 18, 2023 in Prince George. [livestream]

BC’s 37th premier said that his government’s priorities are the people’s priorities. In his short upbeat speech, he included a few political hits at the BC Liberals that in a previous time in government (2001-2017) did things more for people who already have financial security and opportunities in business and in life.

By comparison, Eby’s government will continue with the NDP ethos of BC being a place where “everybody belongs and no one is left behind”.

He noted housing, technology and health-care as areas where jobs will grow as the post-pandemic economy continues to move forward.


Broad initiatives:

On the larger view, Eby highlighted the $1 billion being made available to communities for improvements like roads, water treatment and recreational facilities — that’s not only to make communities “more fun and sustainable” but to respond to the impacts of climate change.

Climate change was summarized by Eby with the evidence of smoky summers, record wildfire seasons, pine beetle infestations and heat dome of 2021. In that context, he said BC will continue to transition away from fossil fuels and move to a clean energy future.

A lawyer by profession, Eby reiterated the importance of meaningful partnerships with First Nations in ways that help both the economy and the environment, through meeting commons goals not through confrontation.

david eby, ravi kahlon
Premier David Eby and Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon announcing housing supports for the downtown Vancouver East Side, Dec 14, 2022. [livestream]

Premier Eby noted the rollouts of funds and legislative directions for dealing with the housing crisis (noting Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon in that role), finding more family doctors, building more hospitals, bringing more internationally-educated nurses into the health-care system, expanding the health-care system’s cancer management capacities, and making communities “safer and stronger”.

On that last point, he seemed particularly enthused about having recently brought the province to bear against the Hell’s Angels, with the closure of three of their club houses, as part of working against organized crime.

Ministers in the mix:

Eby highlighted only two other cabinet ministers in his speech today, both for being the first women of colour their roles: Rachna Singh as education minister and Niki Sharma as attorney general. [Premier Eby’s Cabinet swearing-in was December 7, 2022]

He indirectly tipped his hat to new Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills Minister Selina Robinson, with his mention of funds heading her way in Budget 2023 next week.

Helping people deal with inflation:

“The economy is people,” said Eby. “People need support” regarding the rising impact of global inflation. Inflation is notably pushing up the cost of groceries but also many other components of daily living and financial management for individuals and businesses including mortgages, lines of credit, and pretty much any product or service that is in itself impacted by inflation.

sooke, food chi, seedy saturday

Cost of living supports in Eby’s first 100 days have included capping rent increases, supporting families with back-to-school expenses, delivering a BC Hydro cost-of-living credit and freezing ICBC rates for two years.

Other supports have included three enhanced BC Family Benefit payments in January, February and March 2023; those are providing as much as an additional $58 per child each month, and reaching more than half a million children annually in BC.

Another cost-of-living credit coming in April:

As another pre-budget political giveaway from the 2022-2023 surplus, Eby today announced another affordability credit, to help families with the cost of living in these inflationary times. The average amount to a single adult will be $164, with $41 to each child, for a total of up to $410 for a family with two children. Families with two adults will receive an average of $255.

cost of living, credits
The first BC Affordability Credit was issued in January 2023.

The BC Affordability Credit funds will be made available in April, by direct deposit into people’s bank accounts.

“Approximately 85% of British Columbians will get a full or partial payment as early as April 5, 2023, in the same way they received January’s BC Affordability Credit,” it was stated in a news release from the Premier’s office and Ministry of Finance, after Eby’s speech.

BC Ferries announcement coming tomorrow:

There could be one more pre-budget giveaway. Tomorrow, Sunday February 26, Premier Eby along with Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Rob Fleming will make an announcement regarding BC Ferries.

Personal impacts:

On a personal note, Eby started his speech today saying that in his first 100 days in office he and his young family have become accustomed to the presence of police officers (for their personal safety).

david eby, family day
Premier David Eby’s social media message on Family Day 2023. [Twitter]

Politics does impose changes on the lives of elected officials, and that is just one of them.

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  • For questions about the BC Affordability Credit or BC Climate Action Tax Credit payments, go to the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) MyAccount, MyBenefits app or contact the CRA benefits enquiry line: 1 800 387-1193.
  • MyAccount
  • MyBenefits app

For information about measures to help British Columbians with the cost of living, visit: https://www.gov.bc.ca/savemoney

Learn about the increased BC Family Benefit:
B.C. family benefit – Province of British Columbia

Read about the BC Affordability Credit and Climate Action Tax Credit


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