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Trudeau has confidence in Canadians to bounce back

Trudeau expects the economy "to come roaring back" after the pandemic

Thursday April 30, 2020 ~ OTTAWA

by Mary Brooke ~ West Shore Voice News

“Right now we are focusing on supporting families through this crisis,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa this morning during his media availability that began at 11:15 am in Ottawa (8:15 am Pacific Time).

In response to a media question about an estimated federal debt of over $250 billion due to the many economic supports that have been rolled out in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Trudeau said: “We made sure that we’re sending help to the millions of Canadian across this country who need this help,” citing the CERB and business wage subsidy programs.

“We will continue to support Canadians in the best possible way, so the economy can come roaring back afterwards,” the prime minister said today.

GDP, 2020
GDP is expected to drop 12% due to the pandemic. [CBC screenshot – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during media session on April 30, 2020]

“I have confidence in Canadians’ ability to keep going, and come back stronger than ever, afterwards,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau continued: “Right now we’re focusing on what we have to do to help Canadians. We are in a good budgetary position to help Canadians now. Canadians are extraordinary people, our institutions are strong, and our economy is strong during normal times. We will be discussing measures in due course that we will have to take, depending on how this pandemic unfolds.”

Investments are being made, said Trudeau, that “when we are able to get back up and running, it will be done quickly and strongly”. He again cited CERB and CEBA as programs “so that businesses are able to hold on during these times”.

Trudeau, Ottawa, April 30 2020
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau leaving the media briefing room after session on April 30, 2020 [CBC screenshot]

“Canadians are a strong and resilient people. Our economy was strong going into this. We are in a great position to see us through this in a good way,” said Trudeau. He said there will be “next decisions on how recovery works” but that “right now our focus is on getting through this as a country”.