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TELUS supporting digital transformation for grain farmers

After the grain is grown...

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Staying on top of grain prices through a digital interface. [GrainFox]

Saturday October 28, 2023 | CALGARY, AB

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture, an innovative technology and data solutions provider, and GrainFox announced a new partnership to bring more digital grain trade and sell options to Canadian farmers.

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There’s an app for that…

In a news release this week they said this will provide technology-based solutions to support the ongoing transformation of Canada’s agriculture industry.

Just when you thought that future agriculture is all about getting into the dirt, this product announcement emphasizes the big-business side of agriculture.

Selling grain crops:

Between crop contracts, ever-changing market conditions, and the advice farmers get at their local elevator, the process of selling crops and finding and comparing the best grain prices can be overwhelming.

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GrainFox, a leading provider of digital agricultural and financial tools, delivers personalized, data-driven insights to farmers through a mobile or desktop interface. “Build a clearer path from bin to bank with GrainFox,” is the promo on the GrainFox website.

GrainFox is a key tool for making decisions, delivering up-to-the minute marketing insights and crop sales recommendations customized to each farm business. By integrating this tool with Decisive Farming capabilities, such as Farm At Hand, all data will be accessible and optimizable so customers can cut through the clutter and make more informed decisions anytime, anywhere.

“Currently, navigating one’s way around grain markets isn’t easy and it gets more complicated as farmers get into the areas of trading futures contracts and options strategies,” said Kolby Nichol, Director at Decisive Farming. “Through this collaboration with GrainFox, we will be providing one integrated solution for our customers that is powerful yet simplified and cost effective, helping farmers spend more time on what matters most.”

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Growing an agricultural pipeline:

This joint innovation will allow sustainable agriculture tech company Decisive Farming to continue to grow its agriculture pipeline and ensure all customers have the access to the best tools and technology to accelerate their operations, while GrainFox will be able to reach more customers and ensure its market expertise supports farmers from bin to bank.

Liz Pham, Chief Growth Officer of GrainFox, said “Through the dynamic partnership of GrainFox and Decisive Farming we’re revolutionizing the agricultural industry. This collaboration harnesses cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights to empower farmers, seamlessly bridging the gap from bin to bank. Together, we’re sowing the seeds of a more efficient, sustainable, and prosperous future for agriculture.”

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For operations of all sizes:

GrainFox, no matter how large or small an operation is, can be used to create more sustainable and efficient grain trade to the farm. Customers of Decisive Farming get access to an exclusive subscription discount.

TELUS Agriculture:

TELUS Agriculture is about helping solve for inefficiencies in the way people produce, distribute and consume food and consumer goods.

The idea is to provide actionable digital solutions and data insights that connect the global supply chain, driving more efficient production processes and improving safety, quality and sustainability of outputs, all in a way that’s traceable and clear to the end consumer.

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