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Tallwood 1 stands tall in Langford core

120 rental units in downtown core


Thursday August 18, 2022 | LANGFORD, BC [Updated 4:40 pm]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

As Langford sees increasing housing density, a key part of that is the construction and availability of more rental units.

Along Peatt Road in the city core, the Tallwood 1 at District 56 was under construction during the height of the COVID pandemic, and continued with construction this past spring.

As of May, a firm move-in date of July 1, 2022 allowed for tours by prospective tenants who had shown interest through the project website.

tallwood 1, renting
Tallwood 1 on Peatt Rd at Goldstream Avenue in Langford. [Aug 3, 2022 | Island Social Trends]

120 units:

tallwood1, summer 2022, ad

Tallwood 1 at 2830 Peatt Road is a mixed-use residential and commercial mass timber constructed tower in the heart of Langford.

Situated over ground floor retail, the 120 rental units feature outstanding views of the mountains and city and are within walking distance of every amenity.

tallwood, terminus
Tallwood 1 is next door to the commercial Terminus Building on Peatt Rd. [Island Social Trends / March 30, 2022]

Aptly named, Tallwood 1 is the first 12-storey mass timber structure to be built under the new BC Building Code. The plan for Level 2 (above the commercial level) has one layout, with another layout applied to Levels 3 to 11.

Great amenities:

Units are pet-friendly. There’s in-suite laundry and geothermal temperature control.

Secure underground parking include electric vehicle charging stations and bike storage.

Rental applications:

Unit rental applications were coming in starting back in April, with a lot of immediate interest from renters around the Greater Victoria area. Rentals are being handled by Pemberton Holmes. Many units are already rented! To get more information, use the quick Tallwood 1 online contact form.

“Building a community is more than just infrastructure,” says Design Build Services, the Langford-based company that has designed and constructed Tallwood 1. “People and businesses are the soul of a community.”

A 1-bedroom, 1-bath floorplan at Tallwood 1 in Langford.


All the Tallwood 1 Floorplans are named after trees. Earthy and fresh!

There are 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 2-bedr4oom plus den layouts

2 bedroom, tallwood 1
A 2-bedroom, 2-bath floorplan at Tallwood 1 in Langford.
  • ALDER (650 sq ft) – 1-bedroom 1-bath.
  • JUNIPER (650 to 670 sq ft) – 1 bedroom 1-bath.
  • BIRCH (900 to 910 sq ft) – 2-bedroom, 2-bath.
  • HEMLOCK (830 to 850 sq ft)- 2-bedroom, 2-bath.
  • CEDAR (1,170 sq ft)- 2-bedroom, 2-bath + den
  • FIR (1,100 sq ft)- 2-bedroom, 2-bath + den.

Virtual walk-through:

tallwood 1, walk through, virtual
Take a virtual walk-through of the various units at Tallwood 1.

Take a look at the Tallwood 1 virtual walk-throughs online.

Make your way through the units, into the various rooms.

See the beautiful flooring, the many windows (and the view), the in-unit stacked washer and dryer, and make your way into the various rooms, one by one.

virtual, walkthrough, Tallwood 1
Virtual walk-through of the various Tallwood 1 floorplans.

Built and owned:

The building is owned by Design Build Services (DBS). They design their own buildings and then build them, hence the company name.

DBS family members have also constructed units of their own on the penthouse level of the building. That’ll be their permanent home, going forward. The Terminus commercial building at 2840 Peatt Rd is right next door, with shops and cafe and more.

All of this is innovative and responsive to the needs of the fast-growing Langford community, and it’s smart business.

db services
Leadership team at Design Build Services in Langford, BC. [DB Services]

The Design Build Services team is headed up by Margaret McKay, Gary Lahnsteiner, and Matthew McKay. “Together, we’re building the homes and communities of tomorrow,” says Margaret, who is co-founder and CEO in ownership. Gary is co-founder, COO & Director of Construction. Matthew is co-founder, president & director of development. Rebecca McKay is the chief business development officer, and there are 41 other staff.

Margaret McKay is a long-time member of the WestShore Developers Association. Along with the other member land developers, home builders, and construction consultants based in Langford, she takes a strong interest in the well-being of the development community at large.

Construction profile in 2022:

A lot of care was taken to design efficient yet interesting floorplans, places for people to enjoy calling home.

Here are some photos by Island Social Trends, from a Tallwood 1 construction tour at the end of March 2022.

construction, tallwood1
Construction in March 2022 at the Tallwood1 apartment building. [Island Social Trends]
geothermal, tallwood
Geothermal system during construction in March 2022 at the Tallwood1 apartment building. [Island Social Trends]
apartment, tallwood1
View from a suite under construction at Tallwood 1. [Island Social Trends]
view, goldstream ave
View of Goldstream & Peatt intersection from Tallwood1 during construction, March 2022. [Island Social Trends]
view, peatt rd, tallwood
Peatt Road view from Tallwood 1. [Island Social Trends]
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