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Sooke Fine Art show exhibit assembly takes 3 weeks

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A full house of art patrons at the 2022 Sooke Fine Arts Show Artists Celebration on July 23, 2022. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

Friday June 28, 2024 | SOOKE, BC [Updated June 29, 2024]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

At the front end of this Canada Day long weekend, eight seacans have arrived at the SEAPARC Recreation Centre.

The large canisters contain all the pieces that eventually come together as the annual Sooke Fine Arts Show (SFAS).

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Art Sales desk and Gift Shop at the 2023 Sooke Fine Arts Show. [Island Social Trends]

That includes display pod infrastructure, fabric backdrop drapery, and various types of lighting, all set up within what is normally a hockey arena.

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Setup is a huge job that takes three weeks, says SFAS Executive Director Terrie Moore.

10-day show:

The Sooke Fine Arts Show is 10 days long (used to be 11). In between shows all that physical infrastructure and equipment remains off-site in the storage canisters for 11 months.

This year the exhibit will present the works of 274 artists, 47 of whom are new to the show.

Artists may be from any coastal area of Vancouver Island.

The youth art area will present the work of 25 artists, and one piece that is the collaboration of 30 students.

This year’s three jurors are Steven McNeil (a curator at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria), Katie Belcher, B.FA. (artist and art exhibit specialist), and Dominik Modlinkski (artist conveying urgent need to preserve the Earth’s wilderness areas).

Show tickets now on sale:

The 2024 Sooke Fine Arts Show runs July 27 through August 5. Day show entry tickets are now available for sale on the Sooke Fine Arts Show website, as well as some Purchaser Preview tickets.

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