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Scratch & Win nets $100K for Victoria resident

Ticket was purchased at Save-On-Foods on Foul Bay Rd.

Friday July 22, 2022 | VANCOUVER, BC [Updated 3:05 pm]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

A scratch and win ticket purchased in Oak Bay was a winner.

The $100,000 win was a big surprise for ticket holder Robert Ackerman. He just “stood there for a few minutes and looked at it”, as released by BC Lottery Corporation this week.

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Winning ticket was purchased at the Save-on-Foods store in Oak Bay.

The ticket was purchased by Ackerman, a Victoria resident, at the Save-On-Foods store at Fort and Foul Bay. He called his sister right away to share the news.

BCLC says Ackerman looks forward to moving into a new home and plans to do a bit of travelling.

How far does $100,000 go for a home:

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New townhomes in Colwood, BC (March 2022). [Island Social Trends]

In the current real estate market, $100,000 would pretty much cover a suitable downpayment on a $1 million home.

The average single family home price in Greater Victoria in June 2022 was $1,359,083; townhomes sold on average at $941,273 and condos at $640,498.

Those prices are slightly lower than in May and April, as the rising interest rates on mortgages have been putting downward pressure on the market.


Check tickets at any retailer or online:

Players can check their tickets at any BCLC lottery retailer in B.C., anytime online or on the BCLC Lotto! app here.

Wide variety of Scratch & Win tickets:

There are 68 types of Scratch and Win tickets sold by BCLC. The ticket prices range from $1 each (e.g. Gold Rush, Lucky Clover and Line ‘Em Up) to mid-range at $5 (Set for Life, Bingo Multiplier, Deluxe Crossword), right up to $20 (Bingo Supreme and Cash Bonus), and $30 ($3 Million Prestige).

The winner in this news story won his $100,000 prize with the Set for Life ticket, something exclusive to BC.

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The Set for Life ticket has approximate odds to win a prize of 1:3.75. [BCLC]

The $100,000 prize level is the 2nd level down; the next prize level above that is $675,000. There are also 12 top Set for Life prizes of $1,000 a week for 25 years (that’s $1.3 million over 25 years). BCLC says the overall approximate odds to win a prize on a $5 Set for Life are 1:3.75.

Set for Life – a basic livable income:

The name of that ticket ‘Set for Life’ possibly attracts players to whom a regular steady bit of income would be appealing.

The universal basic income or basic livable income was tested — in a way — with the CERB benefits issued by the Canadian government during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. That experience was successful in ameliorating most societal disruption and has renewed interest in a basic livable income among economists and social policy experts.

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Scratch & Win lottery ticket winner Robert Ackerman of Victoria, July 2022. [BCLC]
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All lottery prize winners have 52 weeks:

All lottery prize winners have 52 weeks from the draw date printed on their ticket to come forward to claim their prize.

The specific retail location where the winning lottery ticket was purchased, and the lottery winner’s name, will be announced after the winner has come forward to claim the prize.

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Buying tickets:

Players can purchase tickets at lottery retailers or at PlayNow.com. Winning numbers and group release forms can be found online at www.bclc.com. Players can now check their lottery tickets anytime, anywhere on iOS and Android devices. Learn more about the BCLC Lotto! app here.

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BCLC says that it offers socially responsible gambling entertainment while generating income to benefit all British Columbians (funds are used as provincial government revenues for health, education and other major budget areas).

“Remember, play for fun, not to make money,” says BCLC, although most people play because of course they do want to make some additional money. BCLC offers gambling manage tips as GameSense.com.

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