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Premier David Eby’s statement on Christmas 2022

Premier David Eby encourages British Columbians to celebrate "the season's values of charity, compassion and generosity".

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Premier David Eby took media questions Dec 7, 2022 after the swearing-in of his new Cabinet at Government House. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

Saturday December 24, 2022 | VICTORIA, BC

Editorial insights by Island Social Trends | Mary P Brooke, editor

BC Premier David Eby has issued a statement marking Christmas Day, in this first year that he holds the top job in leading the province.

Eby was officially sworn in on November 18 of this year in Vancouver, and on December 7 announced his new Cabinet in Victoria.

Christmas comes tomorrow, Sunday December 25, on the tail end of a challenging winter weather experience in the past few days (including campus closures, BC Ferries service delays and cancellations, and a safety advisory for people not to travel on snowy icy roads or travel at all).

A year of transition:

david eby, janet austin
Premier David Eby and Lt Gov Janet Austin presided over the cabinet swearing-in at Government House, Dec 7, 2022. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

This year has seen a significant transition for British Columbia, from dealing primarily with the pandemic (and its economic impacts) to now shifting gears to chart a way forward with new themes and rhythms.

There is now child care increasingly in place to support the economy, the inclusion of climate change recognition in all things (including a new ministry devoted to Emergency Preparedness), and an increased urgency to deal with housing supply across a range of needs and scale of affordability (particularly by directly engaging with municipalities to produce more types and quantity of housing).

Eby was previously the minister with housing on his watch, but now he has created a full Housing ministry. In recent weeks he noted that BC’s population received an influx of 100,000 new residents last fiscal year, and in the first two quarters of 2022-2023 has already welcomed 80,000 new residents. This not only increases demand for housing but all the social and economic supports that go with having a larger and increasingly diverse population.

The Premier’s seasonal message:

Eby’s 2022 Christmas message is more secular in nature compared to those of Premier John Horgan in the past five years. A few days ago he recognized the winter solstice (on December 21) as being celebrated by Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean communities across the world.

As issued by the Premier’s Office, here is the full Christmas Message from Premier David Eby:

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Premier David Eby’s Christmas Message 2022:

“Tomorrow, many people in British Columbia, including a few at our home, and around the world will celebrate Christmas. Many will attend church services and rejoice in a message of peace and love.

“Christmas is a time when people gather with friends and family to share food, exchange gifts and enjoy the many traditions of the season.

“We have so much in British Columbia to be grateful for. I encourage British Columbians to reflect on the blessings in our lives, while also celebrating the season’s values of charity, compassion and generosity.

“I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!”

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