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Police release Saanich shooter names, seeking tips

Anyone with information regarding the deceased shooters or their car is asked to contact VIIMCU at 250-380-6211.

Sunday July 3, 2022 | VANCOUVER ISLAND, BC [Updated 2:50 pm]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

Police have announced the names of the two deceased young men believed responsible for the bank robbery and shootout in Saanich with police on Tuesday June 28.

They were 22-year-old twin brothers Mathew and Isaac Auchterlonie, of Duncan; identification was determined by the BC Coroners Service on July 1 and by the next day next of kin notifications had been completed.

The armed pair were shot and killed on-scene at the robbery which was attempted at a Bank of Montreal branch on Shelbourne Street in suburban Greater Victoria.

No employees or customers in the bank were injured.

saanich, shooters
Saanich shooters: 22-year-old twin brothers – Mathew and Isaac Auchterlonie from Duncan. [Released by RCMP]

Six police officers were injured in the shootout late Tuesday morning June 28. Three of those officers were from the Saanich police department, and three from the Victoria police department. Three of the six officers required surgery.

Police also said they had to dispose of explosive devices that were in a vehicle associated with the suspects on Thursday.

According to RCMP, neither of the brothers had criminal records; they were not previously known to police. The brothers’ parents are cooperating with investigation.


So far the motive for the wild-west-style bank holdup is officially unknown.

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Violent bank-heist themes are frequently depicted in video games. [pweb]

Crime experts said from the start that it seemed like an unusual attempt at crime. Banks are rarely held up in-branch anymore; most financial crime occurs online or other types of organized crime like money-laundering.

But for many people in BC, already this scenario has a similar ring to it, comparing it to the Port Alberni pair Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod embarking on a shooting mission in the summer of 2019. A big factor in that wide-path tragedy was the pair’s sense of social isolation and their fascination with violent video games.

Some sort of fantasy-action influence could have, as well, been an aspect of the Auchterlonie brothers’ decisions to do what they did. Apparently no money was actual stolen during the incident, but the brothers came out of the branch with guns blazing, as if enacting a scene they wished to bring upon themselves. Police seemed to have no opportunity to ‘talk down’ the shooters.

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RCMP on July 2:

“We believe there could be people out that may have more information about the brothers, their recent activities and travels and we need those people to come forward and speak to police,” said RCMP Cpl. Alex Bérubé at a news conference in Nanaimo yesterday. | RCMP news release July 2, 2022.

Yesterday it was stated by RCMP: “There are still many questions and investigation efforts that need to take place in order to fully understand what took place and why,” said Cpl. Alex Bérubé.

“The motive behind the armed robbery and subsequent exchange of gunfire with police has not yet been determined.”

The Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit (VIIMCU) is leading the investigation. The Independent Investigations Office, the oversight body which reviews all police actions that result in death or serious harm, is also investigating.

Seeking tips:

car. rcmp
A car police identified as a white four-door 1992 Toyota Camry with black racing stripes over the hood and roof as seen in Saanich, BC on Tuesday June 28, 2022. Police say the car was associated with the suspects and are asking for any public tips. [Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit]

Police said they are seeking public tips regarding the suspects’ car, a white 1992 Toyota Camry with two black racing stripes over the hood and roof.

They are asking anyone with any information regarding either the brothers or their car to contact VIIMCU at 250-380-6211.

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