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MapleLine Business Centre: documents & printing in the west shore

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MapleLine Business Centre does short run printing in the west shore of Greater Victoria, BC.

Sunday August 6, 2023 | LANGFORD, BC

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

MapleLine Business Centre used to be a retail print shop in Sooke 2010-2013, shifting to online-retail in 2014 — files received from anywhere and printed materials delivered to anywhere.

The MapleLine Business Centre office moved to Langford in 2017 and serves the entire west shore locally (Langford, Colwood, View Royal, Metchosin and Sooke), but can ship to any location in Canada.

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Short run printing of flyers, postcards, brochures, bookmarks and business cards. Call MapleLine Business Centre at 250-217-5821.

Design and printing:

Specializing in professional short-run printing services, the excellence is about producing exactly what the customer needs in terms of design, output quality, turnaround time and price. Also good prices for advertising design and taking custom product photos.

Whether it’s flyers, brochure, bookmarks, business cards, or larger more complex business documents, MapleLine Business Centre takes pride in providing attentive customer service and professional product output.

Where products need jazzy extras like round corners or laminating, MapleLine does those extras.

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Preparation of business documents and presentations — print or PowerPoint.

Document content & organization:

Whether it’s a printed document, PowerPoint presentation or website content, our professional editors do fine work in that area too.

Larger projects with tight deadlines — like presentations for college or university courses — are eagerly done at MapleLine. Editing and proofreading services available.

Mailout support:

MapleLine is also happy to help with printing and batching support for your mailouts with Canada Post.

Happy clients:

MapleLine Business Centre still has long-time printing clients in Sooke, as well as in areas across Greater Victoria.


Supporting small business is another good reason to get printing, design or content development done at MapleLine Business Centre.

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MapleLine Business Centre in Langford, BC.

Call/text 250-217-5821 for a print quote or email to info@maplelinebusinesscentre.com . Or direct message on Twitter (X) at @maplelinebiz .