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King Charles III addresses nation, Commonwealth & world

Friday September 9, 2022 | VICTORIA, BC [Updated September 10, 2022]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

The Queen’s state funeral will be held on Monday September 19, 2022 at 11 am in London, England (3 am Pacific Time).

King Charles III delivered his first public address upon ascending to the throne, in a pre-taped message televised at 10 am Pacific Time today September 9, 2022.

His mother Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday after 70 years on the throne, with Charles immediately becoming King of the British Royal Family. A date for his official coronation has not been announced. A period of mourning will continue in Britain through laying his mother to rest in London.

In his speech about nine minutes long, Charles outlined some of the key protocols, and the roles of his two sons and heirs — William and Harry.

Eldest son of Charles and the late Diana Princess of Wales, William was previously Duke of Cambridge. He now has the additional titles of Duke of Cornwall (with the responsibility to manage the Duchy of Cornwall) and Prince of Wales (heir to the throne). William’s wife Catherine is the new Princess of Wales.

Second son of Charles and Diana, Harry and his wife Meghan will be continuing to build their lives “overseas”, his father said.

Charles is the head of the Church of England but pledged to serve peoples of all cultures and faiths.

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He made clear the degree to which he relies upon emotional and day to day support from Camilla who is now Queen Consort.

Closing words today from Charles to his mother were deeply heartfelt, hoping that “flights of angels” accompany her to her next journey.

Here in BC, portraits of the Queen have been draped with black at the BC Legislature. The royal anthem now changes to ‘God Save the King’.

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