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Island Social Trends print edition coming 2024

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Monday October 23, 2023 | LANGFORD, BC [Updated December 3, 2023]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends


When the pandemic hit in March 2020, advertisers dropped like flies from the pages of the print weekly newspaper West Shore Voice News. By July 2020 we had the new Island Social Trends up and running as a fully online continuation of our socioeconomic news coverage in the west shore of south Vancouver Island. As a small business, it’s been a tough slog.

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For over three years now we’ve been deepening the journalism and expanding the online scope with daily news posts. An archive of categorized news has been established at IslandSocialTrends.ca. This is a major cultural contribution to societal discourse on south Vancouver Island.

Island Social Trends specializes in news insights — the stories behind the stories, if you will. We know the players, we know the issues. The combo is effervescent!

Against the tide:

In these times of the closure of small newspapers in many locations across BC and Canada (at least three such closures mentioned in the BC Legislative Assembly over the past week), it’s with great enthusiasm and sense of purpose that Island Social Trends continues to report on local and regional news.

And not only that, the online archive portal will be expanded to a print edition starting 2024.

mary p brooke, editor, island social trends, 2018
Mary P Brooke, Editor & Publisher, Island Social Trends

Driven by Editor Mary P Brooke:

The Island Social Trends news stream is driven by the passion and commitment of Mary P Brooke. As editor and publisher, Ms Brooke has built a series of news publications for now over 15 years, based in the west shore area of Greater Victoria, on South Vancouver Island since 2008.

The series began with Mary’s vision for MapleLine Magazine (2008-2010) — a full-colour magazine published quarterly and distributed free in Sooke. The muse for that publication was in observing and experiencing the clash of ‘old and new’ in a small community that decided it wanted to be part of the larger municipal landscape but had no roadmap.

The community saw the quality of the insightful writing in MapleLine Magazine and asked for more. Especially as by 2011 it was evident that local MLA John Horgan was upping his game in provincial leadership.

ist, print edition
Island Social Trends will be published bi-weekly in print starting 2024.

Sooke Voice News (2011-2013) covered news in the Sooke region with a weekly print format, mostly grayscale and some colour later on a basic website. We attended all Sooke council meetings, learned about the broader Juan de Fuca and Metchosin regions, and developed a strong readership that spilled into Langford and Colwood.

After that came Island Social Trends in 2020.

local media, under siege, wordmark, mpb

This year Mary P Brooke was nominated for a Jack Webster Award that recognizes the contribution of a woman journalist who contributes to her community through journalism.

Mary P Brooke will continue to report at the BC Legislative Press Gallery level, bringing deeper insights to a wider readership.

West shore & provincial news:

West Shore Voice News (2014-2020) emerged as a weekly full-colour print newspaper with PDF version and searchable website; premium subscribers paid for the PDF version. The weekly print distribution footprint expanded to include Langford, Colwood, Metchosin and View Royal while the online distribution developed reach throughout Greater Victoria and across British Columbia. Then the COVID pandemic hit.

Island Social Trends went fully online in mid-2020 as a result of the pandemic. During 2020 and 2021 we shifted the focus to increasing our journalism scope (including participating in the Provincial Health Officer’s daily COVID media sessions) while improving the digital platform at IslandSocialTrends.ca. In 2022-2023 we’ve been reintegrating into broader and deeper levels of journalism.

map, greater victoria, west shore
Island Social Trends reports on news of the Greater Victoria area as well as across BC.

IST print edition starts 2024:

But the print edition is coming back in 2024! Mostly because the community wants it and needs it. We are here to respond appropriately to the readership so that quality journalism is maintained in local communities.

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The Island Social Trends bi-weekly print edition will be available in free pickup locations across the west shore and as PDF to Premium digital subscribers. HOW TO ADVERTISE | HOW TO BECOME A DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER

Watch for the bi-weekly print edition of Island Social Trends starting 2024.

Broader issues to local leadership:

Why a return to more intensive in-community news in 2024? Island Social Trends will reach deep into the west shore and south Vancouver Island community, with the print edition available free in coffee shops, rec centres, libraries and some retail spots.

ist, print, coffee shop
Island Social Trends will return to coffee shops in 2024.

We will bring broader issues to the local readership. Many of the best articles will be featured first in the print edition before being posted online.

Especially as the next provincial election ramps up (presently set for October 19, 2024) there are plenty of issues to report on, discuss and explore. We’re also keeping an eye on local action toward the next federal election (expected in 2025 but it could come sooner).

Please keep your ads coming!

Over the past 10 years, there has been a near-complete abandonment of print newspapers by most advertisers.

Government of all sizes as well as businesses and community groups flocked to ‘free’ or ‘cheap’ ads in platforms like Facebook, Google and X (Twitter). This has caused a serious erosion of local news through local newspapers that have provided a community service for shared conversation and discourse. [See our article from August 11, 2023 about how municipalities and businesses have a role to play in helping to sustain local newspapers in their regions.]

Advertisers are absolutely essential for this venture to succeed. It’s a way to show support for the process of informing your local and regional community. And in the case of Island Social Trends, a way to open up new ideas and provide curated analysis on issues that matter to society. Our news in these pages is a community service to keep progressive conversations going — from as many sides of an issue as possible.

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Ads can appear in sidebars, within articles, and as the leaderboard (above every article in the site).

Please contact clientservices@islandsocialtrends.com to find out more about advertising packages — no package is too small.

  • Starting at $49.95 per edition (i.e. once every two weeks), the messaging of your business, office or organization can be seen in our pages.
  • Combo packages of print and online ads will be popular.
  • Sponsor a column.

To learn more, please request the 2024 advertising rate sheet.

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The main page runs ads amidst the article links.

Island Social Trends fills a niche:

Over the years we’ve had many contributors and a small number of writers and others on staff, led by the vision and commitment of Mary P Brooke to producing news and maintaining a community conversation through the news pages.

Presently doing most of the on-the-ground and in-community news reporting herself, the network of Mary Brooke’s connections can help surface what readers ‘need to know’. Readers find insights, quotes, and reflective analysis in the Island Social Trends coverage.

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The Island Social Trends geographical news footprint is across the west shore and Greater Victoria area as well as with provincial scope through insightful news coverage of goings-on at the BC Legislature. There is also analysis of national and international news where such work has impact for local readers on Vancouver Island and across BC.

But the Island Social Trends media mission goes well beyond geolocation. Issues that impact lives, lifestyles and well-being… the stuff that matters… this is the main thread of Island Social Trends.

We use two social media platforms to repost our articles: X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn. We are not on Facebook due to Meta’s current blocking of local news but also by choice because of how they have siphoned away the lifeblood of local newspapers over the past 10 years.

ist, twitter
Island Social Trends posts daily on X (Twitter) with links back to articles at IslandSocialTrends.ca .


Social media presence:

Island Social Trends is no longer on Facebook — why pay the robber? We post on X (Twitter) to reach a worldwide attentive audience and on LinkedIn to reach the business and academic communities.

  • X: Island Social Trends has a follower demographic on X (formerly Twitter) that reaches beyond geographical location. Our followers are interested in news developments as they happen. Island Social Trends posts daily, sometimes minute by minute! Check out @IslandSocTrends (news publication) and @MaryPBrooke (editor, food resilience advocate, education commentator). There is also a hyper-local legacy stream at @SookeVoiceLOCAL.
ist, twitter, comments
Readers on X (Twitter) appreciate the socioeconomic and political commentary by @IslandSocTrends. [Snapshot – Oct 23, 2023]
  • LinkedIn: We’re also on LinkedIn with news directed to more of a business audience, as well as academic streams and other journalists.
ist, linkedin, header
Mary P Brooke posts Island Social Trends news on LinkedIn.

Good writing is never out of style:

Some of our long-time readers have still hoped for the return of the deeper writing that Mary P Brooke penned prior to the pandemic. That’s coming back!

News features, editorial analysis, and reflective insights by the editor will be combined with current news as well as opinion-editorials from guest contributors. To be a guest contributor please contact editor@islandsocialtrends.com .

Digital subscribers welcome:

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