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Island Social Trends launches biweekly in print

PDF of the biweekly print edition goes to Premium Subscribers by email.

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Inaugural issue of the Island Social Trends print edition, Jan 19, 2024.

Sunday January 28, 2024 | LANGFORD, BC

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends


The biweekly print edition of Island Social Trends is new in 2024, and it’s now available in select pickup locations in the west shore (and soon a broader footprint including Saanich and View Royal).

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Island Social Trends print edition in plastic counter top retail stand.

Coffee shops, libraries, rec centres and retail outlets that wish to have a display stand should contact Island Social Trends at clientservices@islandsocialtrends.com or phone 250-217-5821.

PDF by email:

Existing paid-up digital subscribers will begin receiving a PDF of the biweekly print edition by email.

Want to be a Premium PDF Subscriber? Request your subscription by email ($7.49+GST/month or $86.96+GST/year). Please email to subscriptions@islandsocialtrends.com.


Advertisers welcome! Please request the 2024 Island Social Trends Advertising Rate Sheet (print and online news portal) by calling 250-217-5821 or email to advertising@islandsocialtrends.com .

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Why print?

People like paper in their hands. They like being away from computer screens after a long day at the office. People like to ponder things as they read. These are just some of the reasons print is making a comeback!

Online there is no shortage of news. But people like to know it’s local or regional, reliable, and professional.

Printed newspapers are permanently archived by libraries and museums.

Three formats:

  • ONLINE: The IslandSocialTrends.ca news portal will continue with daily news posts — all of it searchable.
  • PRINT: The Island Social Trends print edition is issued biweekly (i.e. once every two weeks). You’ll be able to find it in coffee shops, rec centres, libraries, and some retail shops around the west shore (Langford, Colwood, Metchosin, Sooke) and also in some new spots in View Royal and Saanich.
  • PDF: Premium digital subscribers receive a PDF of the biweekly print edition by email. | Request your subscription by email ($7.49+GST/month or $86.96+GST/year).
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Against the tide?

Is a printed newspaper going counter trend? Perhaps.

But in these times of the closure of small newspapers in many locations across BC and Canada (at least three such closures mentioned in the BC Legislative Assembly last fall), it’s with great enthusiasm and sense of purpose that Island Social Trends returns to putting news literally into people’s hands.

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Island Social Trends reports news with socioeconomic insights and analysis. Independent news service on south Vancouver Island, BC.

Driven by Editor Mary P Brooke:

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Mary P Brooke, Editor & Publisher of Island Social Trends.

The Island Social Trends news stream is driven by the passion and commitment of writer, entrepreneur and community leader Mary P Brooke.

As editor and publisher of now four news publications in series over 15 years, Ms Brooke has deliveed detailed news coverage of the west shore area of Greater Victoria and broader strokes of South Vancouver Island.

From 2014 to 2020 (then as West Shore Voice News) there was a theme of covering rapid community growth in the west shore including the impact on public education.

First launching Island Social Trends online at IslandSocialTrends.ca while covering the daily BC Government COVID news conferences during 2020 and 2021, Ms Brooke has expanded into covering provincial news with the BC Legislative Press Gallery. She will continue to report at the provincial level, bringing deeper insights to a wider readership.

In 2023 Mary P Brooke was nominated for a Jack Webster Foundation award (called the Shelly Frailic Award) for contributing to her community through journalism.

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Island Social Trends reports news with socioeconomic insights and analysis. Independent news service on south Vancouver Island, BC.

Find us in social media:

  • X: @IslandSocTrends (news platform) and @MaryPBrooke (editor, food resilience advocate, education commentator). Also a hyper-local legacy news stream at @SookeVoiceLOCAL.
  • LinkedIn: On LinkedIn for more of a business audience, as well as academic streams and other journalists.
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Island Social Trends Premium ENews subscriptions – 1 year ($86.96+GST) or monthly ($7.89+GST). Request your subscription by sending an email to subscriptions@islandsocialtrends.com or phone 250-217-5821.