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Fuel supply still enough in BC southwest says Farnworth

Additional supplies "being barged up" from USA, "additional fuel arriving by rail".

Sunday November 28, 2021 | VANCOUVER ISLAND, BC [Update November 29: The 30L limit is now extended to December 14, 2021]

by Mary P Brooke, Editor | Island Social Trends

The present 10-day order on limiting gasoline retail fueling to 30 litres per visit to the gas pump remains in place, and so far no official extension of that. That gas fill-up order was put in place November 19 and for now runs through December 1, covering the flood-impacted interior area, lower mainland and south Vancouver Island.

That came on the heels of a State of Emergency being declared by the Premier on November 17 as a way to ensure resource management in response to the flooding that mostly impacted the Sumas Prairie farming area along the Fraser River in the BC lower mainland east of Greater Vancouver.

ESSO, gas station, langford
The price for gas was ‘zero’ at the ESSO station on Jacklin Road in Langford on Thursday evening November 18, 2021, as supplies were completely down to zero after a run on the station. [Island Social Trends]

Gas restriction could be extended:

However, today Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth (who is also the Deputy Premier at this time) said the province will continue to do “whatever it takes to make sure needs are met” for emergency responders and commercial vehicles like food trucks and transport trucks.

At this time, Farnworth says he “has every confidence” that there is enough fuel supply for current needs.

Additional supplies are “being barged up” from the USA, and “additional fuel is arriving by rail”.

“The public has been doing the right thing,” Farnworth said today, regarding adhering to the 30-litre limit per visit to the pump.

Lineups at gas stations after the major flood events of November 14 to 16 resulted in some service stations running out of supply.

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Malahat impact:

In that period of time there was interruption of delivery of fuel (and other goods) on Highway 1 across the Malahat into Langford and Greater Victoria.

Malahat repairs were completed much more quickly than expected, starting with letting traffic through in single-lane alternating and then two lanes in both ways (though still through a construction zone) by Saturday night November 20.

Avoid driving on flood-impacted roads:

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Rob Fleming today reminded people not to travel on flood-impacted highways unless the need is essential.

Driving vehicles on flooded roads can present unseen dangers which would only add additional burden on first responder resources if people need to be assisted or rescued.

Alerts might be issued:

The Alert Ready system of advising about emergencies has, until now, been used by municipalities and reserved for use in the case of tsunamis and earthquakes.

Today Minister Farnworth said it might be used if the third of a trio of atmospheric rivers — expected to hit southwest BC this week on Tuesday November 30 — requires the alert.

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