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Free book embossing event at Monk Office

Wed Feb 7 at 1200 Broad St in Victoria (12-4 pm) | Thurs Feb 8 at 9839 Fifth St in Sidney (11am-3pm).

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Leuchtturm hardcover notebooks for sale at Monk Office, Oct 2023.

Wednesday February 7, 2024 | VICTORIA, BC

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

Book embossing action is back!

Last fall Monk Office hosted some book embossing specialists who flew in all the way from Montreal.

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The event was to custom-emboss customer names into hard-bound blank notebooks which for some book enthusiasts are all the rage.

The Leuchtturm notebook embossing event is back again in February. Purchase any of the Leuchtturm notebooks, planners or agendas in-store and get it embossed for free.

Back in October the event was at the downtown store at 1200 Broad Street as the Christmas shopping season approached. The repeat visit to that store will be on Wednesday February 7 (12-4 pm).

And now for a second event, at the Monk Store on Thursday February 8 at 9839 Fifth Street in Sidney (11am-3pm).

Monk promotes this as the perfect personalized gift, in time for Family Day, Easter and Mother’s Day or as a branded corporate gift.

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