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Forecasted weather bomb unfolds on Vancouver Island west coast

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Satellite image of weather bomb off west coast of Vancouver Island on October 24, 2021. [The Weather Network].

Sunday October 24, 2021 | VANCOUVER ISLAND, BC

by Mary P Brooke, B.Sc., Editor | Island Social Trends

The impacts are expected to be variable depending on where you’re located on west and south Vancouver Island, but the forecasted weather bomb (aka bomb cyclone) — a drop of 24 millibars (mb) in 24 hours, brings warnings of high winds and heavy rains that could impact trees and power lines. Power outages, difficult travel (including ferry cancellations and flooding (with possible mudslides) are included in the range of possible outcomes.

According to The Weather Network, BC should brace for what is expected to be an impactful and potentially historic storm Sunday, with damaging and widespread disruptions from its explosive nature.

Explaining the bomb:

The potent Pacific low is set to move ashore onto the BC coast Sunday. It has undergone rapid deepening in recent days as it trekked through the Pacific Ocean and met the criteria of a weather bomb — when the pressure drops 24 millibars (mb) in 24 hours — in nearly 12 hours.

It could actually be a double bomb, according to Kevin MacKay, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. It has the potential to drop 45-50 mb in 24 hours.

The pressure is predicted to reach its lowest point this afternoon then weakening slightly as it moves ashore.

Power outages:

The forecasted windstorm got rolling during the noon hour in the west shore, and hit a bit earlier out in Sooke and west of there in Otter Point and Juan de Fuca.

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On Sunday October 24, 2021 a power outage had impacted 4,308 BC Hydro customers in the Sooke area and west into Otter Point and beyond. [BC Hydro map – 1:30 pm]

Trees and power lines are down — as of 1:30 pm there were 5,793 BC Hydro customers without power due to weather-caused outages — of those, 4,308 (or 75%) are in the Sooke region #Sooke/Otter Pt customers without power. There are also outages in the Duncan/Cowichan area on the east side of the island, on Ganges Island, and in Saanich/Central Saanich.

The area of Sooke and west of there frequently is impacted by the weather impacts of being on the west side of the island. It’s a heavy treed area, which can result in trees blowing over in strong winds (notably in 2006 when much of the town was out of power for up to a week).

The current list of BC Hydro power outages for South Vancouver Island is updated regularly.

Preparations advised:

Unlike for the heat dome in June, which saw little to no concentrated effort of warning from the provincial level of government, the BC Government this time issued a news release two days ago (on October 22), advising preparation and awareness of the possible outcomes of today’s forecasted storm.

Having electronics charged (in case of a power outage), enough food and warmth, as well as other things like emergency kits ready (including a water supply), are part of the advisory.

Weather alerts:

For up-to-date public weather alerts, visit Environment and Climate Change Canada’s website. There is also The Weather Network site (storm page for October 24).