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Food drive at Royal Bay Secondary a bustling success!

10,000 tonight, royal bay
Active food sorting stations as part of 10,000 Tonight at Royal Bay Secondary, Nov 30, 2022. [Island Social Trends]

Wednesday November 30, 2022 | COLWOOD, BC

SOOKE SCHOOL DISTRICT NEWS | by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

Tonight about 200 teenagers at Royal Bay Secondary (RBSS) were part of a robust team of organizers, parents as drivers, and other helpers who had the goal of bringing in 10,000 food donation items in one night.

Driving around the Colwood area collecting non-perishable food donations door to door and bringing them back to the school — that was the first part.

Collecting and sorting food:

food drive, royal bay, teens
Grade 9 students at the food drive counting station Nov 30, 2022 at Royal Bay Secondary (from left): Kaitlin Binaday, Christina Kingston, Madeline Schwartz. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

Inside the main common area of the largest high school on Vancouver Island, students from all grades (9 to 12) sorted the incoming items into boxes as non-expired and expired.

Then the counted items were taken to separate areas. At evening’s end the usable items will have been loaded onto a truck rented by the school, destined for the Goldstream Food Bank.

The two leadership teachers who led the event were Brian Hobson (a PE teacher, in his fifth year at RRBS) and Robyn White (a dance academy teacher, in her seventh year at the school which opened in 2015).

Royal Bay Principal Mike Huck was also on hand.

food drive, royal bay, xmas
Grade 9 students at 10,000 Tonight at Royal Bay Secondary Nov 30, 2022 (from left): Aliya Kobul, Hailey Allen, Taylor Walsh, Rylie Roberts, Mara Vandernolen. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

By 7:30 pm the count was 6,400 items and counting. The counting would go on for another few hours.

There was pizza and other food and beverages, and many people doing many things to keep the evening running full tilt.

Lots of organizing:

Why do they undertake this massive event? “The students feel part of the community, and see a need to help out. They feel connected to something with each other,” said Hobson.

teachers, royal bay, 2022
Royal Bay Secondary 10,000 Tonight organizing teachers Brian Hobson (left) and Robyn White, Nov 30, 2022. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

“The students also have courses where volunteer hours can be counted toward the course,” said White.

Hobson and White started organizing in October. “It took two full months to plan, prepare and organized,” they told Island Social Trends this evening, over the busy noise of the excited students.

That involved organizing drivers, renting the truck, finding enough boxes to hold the incoming food items, and promoting the event to the community for donations.

Three schools in sequence:

In previous years (pre-pandemic) the 10,000 Tonight event had another layer of being a friendly competition with the other two schools in School District 62.

But after discussion among the three schools, it was decided that it was too challenging “to align everything”, for getting the same messaging in place. In previous years “it confused the community,” said Hobson and White.

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Belmont Secondary School in Langford held their food drive on November 10 to help support the Goldstream Food Bank in the mid-fall season, as food prices have continued to move upward all year. There is no time that food banks don’t need food.

Tonight’s collections by RBSS will go to the Goldstream Food Bank tonight.

Edward Milne Community School in Sooke is holding their food drive now up to December 9, by collecting funds for the Sooke Food Bank from November 28 to December 9. They are also hosting an online auction on their Facebook page.


One cause, three communities:

Three schools in sequence but toward one cause seems easier and more focussed on the real purpose of the community initiative, rather than organizing a competition across time and space.

scott stinson, sd62
SD62 Superintendent Scott Stinson at the Nov 29, 2022 board meeting. [livestream]

Today SD62 Superintendent Scott Stinson told Island Social Trends today that “all three high schools are participating and working with their communities in ways that they feel is best”. He added: “It is also driven by our student leaders in those communities.”

Last night Stinson included mention of the high school food drive in his report to the board.

Middle school food drive:

Based on the success achieved by the high schools, SD62 said today that the middle schools will be launching their own initiative tomorrow, “modeling the inspiration from the secondary students”.

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