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Eby still pushing for federal home heating support

Also defending electricity production expansion.

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Premier David Eby in the Legislative Assembly, Nov 27, 2023. [Hansard livestream]

November 27, 2023 | VICTORIA, BC

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

Today in the BC Legislative Assembly, Premier David Eby has repeated his wish that the federal government would provide home heating support.

That was in reference to the fact that people heating with home heating oil in Atlantic Canada were given a break on the climate action tax in that region, without extending the benefit to all Canadians dealing with the cost of home heating.

“People need support right now,” said Eby.

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The Premier repeated his comment from last week that more needs to be done about affordability in BC. “We’ve got to do more. Ministers have to find more ways to support people with affordability.”

“We’ve got to ensure affordability for British Columbians and economic opportunity across the province,” said Eby related to challenges from the official opposition that BC doesn’t have enough electricity production (at this time).

Affordability in BC is clearly going to be a high-profile issue in the next provincial election (scheduled for October 2024). Premier says there is “only one party in this house” that prioritizes affordability for people in the province, and that’s the NDP, he said.

Electricity production is “going to be for the benefit of British Columbians for generations to come”, said Eby. “Affordability first” while building the economy, said Eby today in the house.



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