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Driving safely in cool and wet fall weather

Check vehicle tires and wipers.

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Wednesday October 6, 2021 | VANCOUVER ISLAND, BC

by Mary P Brooke, Editor | Island Social Trends

This week the weather has certainly left summer behind. Cool days and even cooler nights. And more rain is in the forecast for later this week.

Vehicle owners are reminded by the change in weather to see if their cars and trucks are up to speed for driving safely on wet roads and in cooler weather.

Fall vehicle service at Dumont Tirecraft:

Now is the time to order your winter tires, or haul them out of storage. At Dumont Tirecraft in Sooke you can shop for tires anytime, and right now they’ve got some tire coupons happening online. Some of the coupons are available to Dec 1, but most of the others run to mid-December 2021.

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Click to see more tire coupons.

Wiper blades might also need replacing for the new fall/winter season.

Dumont Tirecraft is located at 2079 Otter Point Road in Sooke town centre. They operate a friendly, clean and efficient shop that draws customers from Sooke, as well as the nearby West Shore and Victoria.

“We can handle all types of repairs and services, including brakes, diesel engine repair, some transmission repair, tire-related roadside assistance, and exhaust work,” says shop owner Jason Dumont.

“We’re also a government inspection facility and have some auto glass work available.”

Driving safely:

Of course on wet roads you want to slow down. In cooler weather the roads can be slippery or icy as temperatures get closer to zero.

And in cooler weather the windows on vehicles can fog up, so best-visibility is not always assured.

Wet pavement can also create glare; avoid driving directly west (into the sun) as it’s setting. Opt for the anti-glare coating on glasses, and if you’re older, be sure your eyes are still good for driving safely.

Wet pavement creates glare. If you haven’t in a while, get your eyes checked, especially as you get older. Opt for the anti-glare coating on glasses, but if your eyesight is compromised in these conditions, elect not to drive. It’s just too dangerous if you can’t see properly.

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Considering pedestrians and cyclists:

Pedestrians and cyclists need your full focus to be on driving. You’re cocooned in a comfortable shelter; be cautious and kind to those who aren’t. Check to see what’s happening in the bike lanes as you approach.

If you see a crosswalk coming up, perhaps slow down just in case, even if the crosswalk lights are not yet flashing or you don’t see anyone ready to cross.

Use of headlights in daytime might be an added precaution for road safety, making your vehicle more visible to non-drivers.

Sight lines:

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Car pulling beyond stop line due to foliage obstructing visibility [Island Social Trends – Sept 2021]

Even if you’re not a driver, you can help prevent vehicle collisions by making sure your foliage isn’t blocking drivers’ sight lines.

Too often drivers come right into the crosswalk or beyond the stop line at an intersection because they can’t see around shrubbery.

As we come into reduced light with shorter days, pedestrians and cyclists absolutely need safe crossings, not cars jamming into that space. If this is a problem on public property, call your city or town. 

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