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District of Sooke says no requirement to show ID in by-election

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Thursday October 3, 2019 ~ SOOKE

~ West Shore Voice News

Today October 3, 2019 the District of Sooke has issued a release about public concerns as recently raised about people not having to show ID when voting in the Sooke by-election in September, and the possibility that any voter could have voted both in advance and on the general voting day.

The District of Sooke writes: “There is no legislated requirement to show identification (ID). If someone comes in to vote without ID, the individual can sign declarations as to their identity and residence.”

“It is important to note that municipalities have the option to conduct Voting Day Registration only. This means they do not use the provincial voters list and a handwritten list of electors is created at each voting opportunity/polling station and affords no opportunity to cross-reference those that have already voted. This same principle applies in the District of Sooke,” it was stated in the District of Sooke release.

The full District of Sooke release is at https://sooke.ca/by-election-voter-responsibilities/

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The by-election was called and fulfilled to fill one vacant seat for Councillor on District of Sooke council (the seat was left vacant upon the passing of Brenda Parkinson). There were 10 candidates in the running, two of which made public their intention not to actively campaign but did not officially withdraw their candidacy with Elections BC.

ballot scanner, Sooke
Sooke by-election ballots were cast by insertion into the electronic scanner [West Shore Voice News]

A tally of 1,447 votes (370 of those from advance voting) represents 14% of 10,300 eligible voters. According to Sooke’s Chief Election Officer Carolyn Mushata, that is higher than a usual count of 10% turnout for by-elections.

Mushata announced the official by-election results at 10 am on Monday September 30 at the Sooke municipal hall.

There was only one (1) rejected ballot. Mushata explained it was a mail-in ballot in which the individual did not complete the certification form indicating their eligibility to vote.