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Commercial vehicle drivers must use electronic logging devices

Takes effect Aug. 1, 2023

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Commercial truck drivers will be required to wear electronic logging devices starting Aug 2023.

Monday February 13, 2023 | VICTORIA, BC [Updated 1:50 pm]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) to track drivers’ time behind the wheel are aimed at reducing the likelihood of driving while tired.

The requirement to use the devices will start this summer, for use by all provincially regulated commercial vehicle operators.

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Commercial vehicles include trucks, buses and taxis.

Record of driving time:

ELDs automatically record driving time, helping to ensure commercial drivers do not drive longer each day than regulations allow. ELDs accurately track hours of service and reduce the risk of incidents due to driver fatigue.

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Commercial truck drivers will be required to wear electronic logging devices starting Aug 2023.

“Using technology to ensure that commercial drivers aren’t on the road longer than they should be on a given day will protect their safety and the safety of others on B.C. highways,” said Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

“It will also support a more efficient trucking industry, which is critical to keeping supplies moving across the province,” said Fleming in a news release today.

Starts August 1, 2023:

The requirement will take effect on Aug. 1, 2023, giving B.C. carriers six months to install ELDs across their fleets and to complete driver and dispatcher training.

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Safety improvement:

Dave Earle, president and CEO of the BC Trucking Association, has long supported a provincial ELD mandate.

“The BC Trucking Association is pleased that the Province will bring into force a provincial ELD mandate, which will improve safety for all road users by increasing compliance with hours-of-service regulations,” Earle said.

“While there is no single fix for improved safety performance, a widespread requirement for technology that automates compliance and helps to promote effective safety programs will transform the industry for the better.”

Improved management:

ELDs will assist the trucking industry by reducing paperwork, improving management of driver hours of service and reducing costs.

Following federal regulations:

This shift follows federal ELD regulations, which Transport Canada established for the inter-provincial trucking sector in 2021, and has been committed to by all provinces and territories.

Enforcement of the federal regulations began on Jan. 1, 2023.



Information about the provincial ELD mandate:

Information about the federal ELD mandate is available from Transport Canada:

ICBC Manual for Driving Commercial Vehicles – https://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/documents/drive_commercial_veh_full.pdf

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