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Canada Post: ultimate deadline Dec 18 for holiday parcels, priority, Xpresspost

Tightened deadlines on guaranteed delivery of Christmas-season mail and parcels.

Thursday December 17, 2020 | NATIONAL

by Kiley Verbowski | Island Social Trends | Mary P Brooke, editor

Last weekend Canada Post delivered 1.1 million parcels across the country, and have recently adjusted their shipping deadlines in response to unprecedented activity at the post office.

Loved ones are sending parcels and shopping online in record numbers, as Island Social Trends reported on last week.

Revised domestic holiday parcel shipping dates:

New parcel deadlines were announced this week by Canada Post

“We understand the importance of the items we’re currently processing and delivering in record numbers and thank Canadians for the patience they have shown us this year,” wrote Canada Post this week.

“We remain committed to reliable and timely service and have revised the following shipping guidelines to help us safely deliver the pre-Christmas parcel surge.”

Deadlines for letter mail remain unchanged.

As a reminder, on-time delivery guarantees have been suspended since March 18, 2020 due to the unique circumstances of this year.

Canada Post says that customers should expect delays. Customers are advised to track their items to follow their progress as they work to deliver.

Canada Post’s response to seasonal demand:

The surge in activity was well-anticipated by Canada Post, and they have taken the following measures to help meet demand:

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Canada Post will be processing parcel deliveries right up until Christmas in 2020.
  • Operating plants around the clock to process record volumes which then go out for delivery each day.
  • Hiring an extra 4,000 seasonal employees
  • Increasing their fleet by more than 1,000 vehicles
  • Working with commercial customers to manage the flow of parcels
  • Encouraging Canadians to shop and ship as early as possible, beginning in early October.

Doing your part to speed things up:

Canada Post offers the following tips to help the lines move faster:

  1. In the spirit of the season, please stay patient, be kind and keep the post office friendly. Ensure you wear a face covering and respect all safety measures, such as physical distancing.
  2. Purchase a flat rate box from any post office and ship up to 5 kg anywhere in Canada. They’re easy to address and can be dropped off at a post office or in any red street letter box.
  3. If using your own box, please properly package and clearly address it before heading to the post office. Tips are available at canadapost.ca.
  4. For international items, fill out customs form online in advance at canadapost.ca before dropping off your package.
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COVID-safe: Place orders by phone or email. Delivery by Canada Post.