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Bluebox curbside pickup of glass suspended due to flooding

Other bluebox recyclables can still be picked up curbside.

Friday November 19, 2021 | VICTORIA, BC [Glass pickup resumes Monday December 13, 2021]

by Mary P Brooke, B.Sc., Editor | Island Social Trends

Update December 10: CRD says glass collection will resume in the Greater Victoria area starting Monday December 13, as part of a phased restart plan.

The flooding caused by the significant rainfall of November 14 to 16 in BC has resulted in changes to recycling services, for now.

Recycle BC, the organization responsible for managing residential recycling in the province, has directed all collectors in BC to temporarily suspend glass collection through both curbside and depot collection programs effective Monday, November 22, said the Capital Regional District (CRD) in a news release today.

Facilities impacted in Abbotsford and Quesnel:

Glass material collected in the capital region on behalf of Recycle BC is either processed into new materials at a facility in Abbotsford or into sandblast materials at a processor in Quesnel. 

“Transportation, storage and processing options for both of these end-markets have been impacted by this week’s flooding and road closures across southern BC,” said CRD in a news release at noon today.

horgan, popham, fleming
BC State of Emergency announced by Premier John Horgan, together with Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Lana Popham and Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Rob Fleming (shown here), as well as Deputy Premier & Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth, to deal with aftermath of Nov 14-15, 2021 storm that has caused flooding and mudslides in the BC Interior. [November 17, 2021]

The next flooding-impact by Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth will be at 3:30 pm today. 

A state of emergency was called in BC this week (on November 17), to make sure all needed resources can be acquired and actions be taken by the Province as flood impacts are dealt with, especially in the BC Interior (though Premier Horgan said all British Columbians will be affected by the measures that may be taken).

Hold onto your glass recyclables:

separate glass, CRD
Glass must be separated from other recyclables.

As a result, glass materials will not be picked up through the Capital Regional District’s curbside recycling program until Recycle BC advises that collection can resume. Curbside collection for all other material streams (paper, cardboard, mixed containers) will continue unchanged.

Recycle BC is asking residents to store glass items at home until collection is reinstated. Glass continues to be banned from household garbage and cannot be mixed with other recycling streams. 

Beverage containers still go to bottle depots:

Refundable glass beverage containers (such as from pop and juice) are not part of Recycle BC’s program and can still be returned to bottle depots and retailers across the region. 

For more information, please visit www.crd.bc.ca/curbside

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