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Beacon Hill Children’s Farm pushes up recommended admission

Cost of living pressures: animal food, operations & staff wages.

goat stampede, children's farm
The popular goat stampede is back in action at the Beacon Hill Children's Farm. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

Thursday July 7, 2022 | VICTORIA, BC

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

No kidding, the goats say it will cost more for admission to the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm in Victoria starting July 8. LOL.

But seriously, inflationary pressures are having an impact on the operational cost of the popular family attraction located in Beacon Hill Park in the James Bay area of Victoria.

First increase ever:

“After lengthy consideration and discussion among the staff we’ve decided to increase our suggested donation amounts to $4 for children and $5 for adults,” it was posted by Beacon Hill Children’s Farm on their Facebook page today.

goats, beacon hill
Goats at the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm, July 5, 2022. [Molly Pearce / Island Social Trends]

“While we didn’t come to this decision lightly –- and admission to the farm will remain by donation — the cost of almost everything around us has been steadily going up. We’ve managed to hold off as long as possible,” says farm owner Linda told Island Social Trends earlier this week at the farm.

It’s the first time the donation level has gone up.

What donations pay for:

“But now faced with rising costs for hay, feed, sawdust, general farm supplies, gas and wages for the staff. We have no other choice but to take this step to enable us to provide continuing care and feed to all the animals.”

Starting tomorrow the suggested donation posted at the front gate will be $4 per child and $5 per adult.

Continued support appreciated:

mask, animal farm
People still need to wear masks around the goats at Beacon Hill Children’s Farm (summer 2022). [Island Social Trends]

“Thank you for your understanding. From the bottom of our hearts to the ends of our goaties long beards we truly appreciate your continuous support of the animals and the farm,” it was posted on Facebook today.

The farm is 100% run on donations thanks to visitors who support the enterprise.

Operated since 1985 by the Koenders family in conjunction with the Beacon Hill Farm Society, the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm take pride in providing both an educational and economical form of entertainment for the whole family. “Our goal is to help children develop a respect for animals that will remain with them for life.”


Farm location and hours:

The Beacon Hill Children’s Farm is located on Circle Drive within Beacon Hill Park, just off Douglas Street in the James Bay area of downtown Victoria, BC.

There is a good amount of parking in a parking lot right beside the farm.

After two years of limited public hours during the COVID pandemic, the goat petting area is open with limited capacity and the highly entertaining goat stampedes are back at 10:10 am and 5:10 pm daily (they run by so fast)!

For both the petting area and the stampedes, face masks are required for ages 5 and older.

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