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BC political party donations ramping up

Next BC provincial election is scheduled for Oct 19, 2024.

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Political party financial contributions in Q3 of 2023. [Elections BC]

Thursday November 2, 2023 | VICTORIA, BC

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

BC’s four major political parties were busy with fundraising this summer and fall.

The third quarter (Q3) financial reports on political donations were released today by Elections BC.

The majority New Democrat government party collected the most donations, followed by BC United, then BC Greens, and then the BC Conservatives.

FilerTotal political contributions from July 1 to September 30, 2023Link to political contribution data
BC Green Party$161,711.48https://bit.ly/3u4nA6k
BC NDP$868,141.92https://bit.ly/3Mp7pa0
BC United$399,209.71https://bit.ly/46UaU0E
Conservative Party$52,562.19https://bit.ly/49ht6CS
Political contributions in Q3 2023 [Elections BC]

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Donations by seat count:

Currently there are 87 seats in the BC Legislative Assembly, 56 of which are held by the NDP.

PartyNumber of Members
BC United26
​BC Green Party2
Conservative Party of British Columbia​2
Current seat count in the BC Legislative Assembly (as at Nov 2, 2023)

Covering the ridings:

By one benchmark, the Q3 donations translate to $15,503 per seat for the BC NDP, $15,354 per seat for BC United, $80,856 per seat for the BC Greens, and $26,281 per seat for the BC Conservatives.

Of course, the two smaller parties will hope to gain more seats while the larger parties intend to hold onto their own. But all parties are expected to be running candidates in all electoral area races in the October 2024 provincial election.

For the scheduled October 19, 2024 election there will be 93 seats, reflecting a growing population and some new electoral area (riding) boundaries.

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West shore focus:

For the October 2024 provincial election, the fast-growing west shore area will have three ridings instead of two:

  • Langford-Highlands (Langford and Highlands)
  • Juan de Fuca-Malahat (Sooke, Metchosin, Juan de Fuca, Malahat)
  • Colwood-Esquimalt (Esquimalt, Colwood, View Royal, VicWest)

With the new boundary changes, the large Sooke School District (SD62) with schools in Langford, Colwood and Sooke will have three MLAs to work with, instead of two.

district of metchosin

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