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Alpha Select film studio launching in Mill Bay

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Monday February 5, 2024 | MILL BAY, BC

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

Alpha Select Productions Services Inc and Malahat Nation will launch a new film services studio in Mill Bay.

An official opening will be held by Alpha Select Productions Services Inc on Friday February 9 at Brentwood College on Mount Baker Road. Event tickets $25.

This new venture will bring together companies who serve productions directly and indirectly under the sustainability umbrella to attract local, national and international film to Vancouver Island.

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“The goal is to make filming on the island easy, modern and data-driven,” as stated in a news release today.

The studio will facilitate carbon neutral and sustainable production as well as maintaining zero waste and providing crew training services.

The idea is to save time and costs for productions through access to innovative film techniques, real-time management data tracking, and local crew registers.

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