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Adam Walker MLA removed from NDP caucus

Could lead to a provincial by-election in Parksville-Qualicum, but for now Walker continues to serve as MLA.

Sunday September 17, 2023 | QUALICUM BEACH, BC [Updated September 19, 2023 – 9 pm]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends | POLITICS NEWS SECTION | BC NDP NEWS SECTION

Update September 19, 2023: Interview with MLA Walker Adam Walker: constituents will be well-served by an independent MLA

Update September 18, 2023 [9:15 am]: Premier Eby says the employee complaint about MLA Walker was *not* a sexual harassment complaint and is not criminal. The complaint was received in July. Eby calls it a difficult decision, including the impact on voters in the Parksville-Qualicum constituency.

Update September 18, 2023 [12 noon]: Adam Walker says he will continue to serve as MLA for Parksville-Qualicum. “As I continue to serve our community as their MLA, I want to emphasize that my collaborative spirit remains undeterred. We are facing real challenges in BC, but together we can overcome them.” He highlights health-care, affordability and housing challenges.

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Statement from Adam Walker, MLA on September 18, 2023. [Adam Walker MLA’s office]

A Sunday shift in politics: Premier David Eby has said that MLA Adam Walker has been ousted from the BC New Democratic party.

Eby said today in a statement that the BC New Democrat caucus conducted a thorough internal investigation after a human resources complaint was issued against Walker.

Full statement September 17, 2023: “Following a human resources complaint regarding MLA Adam Walker, the BC New Democrat caucus conducted an internal investigation. This thorough investigation found misconduct on the part of MLA Walker. As a result, Mr Walker will no longer be a member of the government caucus and he will no longer be a parliamentary secretary. As with any other human resources issues, we are not able to disclose additional details.”

Three years on the job:

Walker was elected the MLA for Parksville-Qualicum in 2020 and up until this happened was the Parliamentary Secretary for the Sustainable Economy.

Online adjustments:

As of 6 pm the BC NDP Caucus webpage about Walker has already been taken down. But the BC Legislative Assembly page about Adam Walker was still active on Sunday evening, where it stated, in full:

  • Adam Walker was elected the MLA for Parksville-Qualicum in 2020. He is the Parliamentary Secretary for the Sustainable Economy.
  • Adam is a small business owner, former town councillor, and farmer. While a town councillor for Qualicum Beach from 2018-2020, he prioritized housing, enhancing public spaces and community engagement. He has owned and operated a tech business in the region for over 15 years. 
  • Adam has lived in the Qualicum Beach area all his life and is proud to call the beautiful community home. He and his wife operate a small farm and are raising two daughters.
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Update: Walker says he’s staying on, and will be sitting as an independent MLA in the Legislative Assembly, while he works to clear his name.

If he were to step down, that would lead to a provincial by-election in Parksville-Qualicum. On September 18 Premier Eby has said that he realizes the impact of his decision on the constituents of that riding.

Very likely this will also put a chill through the ranks of MLAs as to being a reminder about the constraints of being in elected public office.


On Sunday Island Social Trends requested a comment from MLA Walker’s constituency office; on Monday they have responded that no comment is available at this time.