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WSV Weekend Digest – January 31, 2020 Issue

In this issue: Langford population surpassed 42,000 in 2019

Online Posting Date: Tuesday February 4, 2020 ~ WEST SHORE

West Shore Voice News January 31 to February 4, 2020 EXTENDED WEEKEND DIGEST Print-PDF Issue

WSV ISSN | 2368-9374 | Vol.5 No.12

SVN ISSN | 1925-2722 | Vol.10 No.1

Week #471

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The news this week in the Print-PDF edition:

  • Headlines – page 1: 1995 time capsule shows how far technology has come – Lakewood Elementary: VHS, Nintendo, Pogs | Canada plane(s) to retrieve about 325 Canadians from Wuhan virus epicentre | No treatment for coronavirus
  • Headlines – page 2 & 3: SD62 to unveil designs and names for two new schools in West Langford | SD62 to meet with MOTI about Highway 14 safety | Langford Fire Rescue has 13 new volunteer recruits, will hire 3 new career firefighters | Dianna Seaton appointed as Langford citizen rep to library board | Langford engineering rolls out 2020 goals for growing city | Danbrook One owner reminds tenants to vacate
  • Editorial: Does a federal party leader need to be fluently bilingual?
  • Back page: Belmont Residences East coming on stream this spring | Three Sooke men dead | WEATHER: that was quite the intro to 2020! | Rain, snow, wind, temperature extremes | Young quarterback and seasoned coach lead KC Chiefs to Superbowl win | Furstenau steps into BC Green leadership race | BC Stats show Langford as top growth spot

EVENTS are listed on page 4 this week in the print/PDF edition. | Also visit the online Events page of this website for updates.

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PAGE 1 ADVERTISERS THIS WEEK: Belmont Residences East | My Name is Sushi


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