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Ramping up to Halloween: the COVID mask

Face masks now integrated into daily life, fashion, and Halloween!

Saturday October 24, 2020 | COLWOOD, BC

by Mary P Brooke, editor | Island Social Trends

Who hasn’t worn a mask before, for Halloween! But this year, the surgical-style COVID face mask has joined the Halloween wardrobe, possibly for years to come.

It’s astonishing how covering half one’s face has quickly become socially acceptable in a culture where showing one’s identity is an integral part of normalcy, courtesy and even legal expectation.

With security cameras and web-cams almost everywhere beyond your front door nowadays (at the mall, at the bank machine, outside schools and office buildings, at high-traffic intersections, and so on) there is rarely a place that we go where visual identity is not viewed, tracked and (sadly) expected.

Today’s youngest citizens have no idea anymore what privacy is — between visual recognition software, home security cameras, and easy technical access to email, web content and phone usage, it’s a constant-surveillance world we live in.

So here we are, a face mask on a bush in Colwood for Halloween. Quite the statement.

This bush got the memo! Remember to wear a mask when you visit this guy on lower Cecil Blogg Drive in Colwood. [Photo by Kiley Verbowski for Island Social Trends]

It was only spring of this year when people were using disposable masks, surgical style. Masks have quickly become integrated into everyday fashion. Even high-end online fashion outlets are selling them to match outfits. Businesses, sports teams and non-profits are getting on the bandwagon to have their logo imprinted on masks … the newest way to advertise!

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Have a COVID-safe Halloween! Click here for the BC CDC safe-Halloween COVID protocols.
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