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Poinsettias on sale to help beautify blood lab for kids

Buy poinsettias online up to November 13, pickup or delivery on November 29 & 30

Thursday November 7, 2019 ~ GREATER VICTORIA

~ West Shore Voice News

The Victoria General Hospital Auxiliary is asking the public to consider decorating or gifting holiday plants this December and help the tiniest patients.

Lab tests are stressful especially for kids: “We are raising funds to help make children’s lab visits more positive, relaxing, and calm,” says Val Smith, who is a convenor for Poinsettias for Patients. “Buying holiday plants will make it possible to improve the kids’ ‘collection room’ at the Vic General lab at 2North,” says Smith.

The Victoria General Hospital Auxiliary reports that the group has raised millions of dollars for hospital equipment and amenities over the years. The hospital gift shop is the main source of income.

infant in hospital
Infant in hospital [photo supplied by Victoria General Hospital Auxiliary]

Over the past decade Poinsettias for Patients has produced funds to enable the purchase of a stretcher, a treadmill, a baby-blanket warmer, some biliblankets, and a bilirubin meter.

The Auxiliary’s project this year is to use the funds for decor and room setup, helping to make it a calmer experience for the youngest children who have to give blood at the hospital.

Poinsettias in many colours and sizes, teeny Norfolk pines, and mixed planters can be ordered at VGHA.ca/shop . The poinsettias in 10-inch pots are healthy, attractive, island-grown plants. The price per 10-inch pot is $35 (available in red, or tri-colour arrangements). The 6.5″ inch poinsettias are $15 each (in red, white and pink). The 4-inch plants are $7 each (red, white and pink). Ordering deadline is Wednesday November 13.

Victoria General Hospital Auxiliary will deliver your poinsettias locally for a flat rate ($10) on Friday November 29 and Saturday November 30. Or pick up your purchased plants for free at the Strawberry Vale Community Centre, 11 High Street, on Friday November 29 (4 to 8 pm) or Saturday November 30 (9 am to noon).

Victoria General Hospital Auxiliary
Victoria General Hospital Auxiliary helpers (from left): Candace Verners, Lis Ball, and Carolyn Haines, members of the Victoria General Hospital Auxiliary. [supplied]

And a further opportunity to help out is by becoming a “Poinsettia Santa” by paying to have the poinsettia delivered directly to a patient.

Smith says: “Every year many lonely patients are stuck in hospital over the holidays. A fresh poinsettia will add holiday cheer. Purchase one or more Poinsettia Santa plants for only $7 and we will deliver your generous anonymous gift.”

Apparently it takes about six months to grow the poinsettias to the marketable size, so this project has been in the works most of the year, grown at Hilltop Greenhouses.

To order go to the online shop www.VGHA/shop or phone 250-598-3385 or email to info@VGHA.ca