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Mitzi Dean MLA chats with west shore constituents in View Royal

Mitzi Dean's riding of Esquimalt-Metchosin presently includes Colwood, Esquimalt, Metchosin & View Royal | For the Oct 2024 election the riding boundaries won't include Metchosin but will pick up Vic West.

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Drop-in for coffee and community chat with Mitzi Dean, MLA at A Kinder Cup in View Royal, May 26, 2023. [Island Social Trends]

Friday May 26, 2023 | VIEW ROYAL, BC [Updated 4 pm]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

Today Mitzi Dean, MLA (Esquimalt-Metchosin) connected with constituents and members of the business community in View Royal.

She hosted a two-hour drop-in meet-and-greet at A Kinder Cup cafe in the Admirals Walk mall. About 40 people showed up over the two hours.

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Mitzi Dean, MLA (Esquimalt-Metchosin), May 2023. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

Previous coffee get-togethers have been held by Dean in Esquimalt. Metchosin and Colwood.

Today people asked Mitzi Dean, MLA about child care, health care, and the challenges of the local economy.

Dean told people today that BC has invested in 22,000 new child care spaces and that work force investment continues including an increase in the number of training seats. There’s also been a $4-per-hour wage enhancement for early childhood educators (ECE’s) to help with ECE sector retention. The new spaces fund is available for operators to apply for government support to create spaces. People in the community who have babies and toddlers may inquire as to the availability of child care spaces.

On the health care side of things, MLA Dean met with the Mayor of Colwood and a couple of local doctors, learning more about health care needs in the west shore and passing along that information to the Ministry of Health in order that Colwood might maximize whatever provincial strategies are available.

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Mitzi Dean, MLA (Esquimalt-Metchosin) chatting with Esquimalt Councillor Darlene Rotchford at A Kinder Cup, May 26, 2023. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

Dean says that availability of office space for doctors and clinics is not the issue, but the cost of that. She hopes to continue seeing collaboration among municipalities, doctors and local community to think creatively together. “We all know this is a very important matter for this community (of the west shore),” Dean told Island Social Trends.

“I’m really passionate to make sure we have the services in our community,” said Mitzi Dean. She notes the West Shore Urgent Primary Care Centre (UPCC) on Goldstream Avenue and the UPCC in Esquimalt — both of those are team-based care (doctors, nurses and other practitioners).

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“We also have the Community Health Centre in Colwood in partnership with Pacific Centre Family Services. They have attached thousands of high-need patients (to doctors) from across the west shore,” said Dean today with some level of pride. “We’ve got access to different types of services but it would be great if we could still have more doctors in the community,” she said.

The BC Doctor registry is taking names now, with the goal of matching people without a family doctor to one or more potential practitioners for their needs. Last month Health Minister Adrian Dix says seniors and people with chronic health needs will be prioritized for the first round of matching, and possibly those who’ve waited longer. Dix has suggested the rollout might start after July 1, 2023. Dean says she will let the west shore community know when all of that is rolling out.

Business in the west shore:

The five west shore mayors are meeting regularly and particularly collaborative right now, says Dean.

On June 8, Mitzi Dean will be the emcee for Vision West Shore, an event held every couple of years by the West Shore Chamber of Commerce at which the west shore mayors present their vision for their communities.


“This is a moment for us in the west shore now,” says Dean, noting the level of “local municipalities working really well together” as well as being somewhat more in confluence than usual with the local business community, the chamber, local elected officials and her provincial-level office.

Coming out of the pandemic, it’s a good time for visioning. She sees a growing sense of west shore identity as to people living, working and finding recreation in the west shore, a sense of place and belonging. “Previously people were commuting out to get child care or to go to work,” said Dean.

mitzi dean, may 2023
Mitzi Dean, MLA (Esquimalt-Metchosin) chatting with constituents at A Kinder Cup, May 26, 2023. [supplied]

Connecting in the community:

These coffee meetings together with door-knocking around the community is about connecting with people in between elections, and after the pandemic period where community connection was by phone and Zoom.

People feel comfortable knowing they can speak directly with their MLA in the community, says Dean.

mitzi dean
Mitzi Dean, MLA (Esquimalt-Metchosin) chatting with constituents at A Kinder Cup, May 26, 2023. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

She feels people were in survival mode during the pandemic, but that things are easing up in that regard now.

Minister of Children and Family Development:

Mitzi Dean was first elected in 2017, and re-elected in 2020. She is presently the Minister for Children and Family Development in the David Eby BC NDP cabinet. When at the legislature, the work is all about that.

mitzi dean, legislature, 2023
Mitzi Dean, Minister of Children and Family Development, in the Legislative Assembly on April 24, 2023. [Hansard]

The current legislative session wrapped up May 11; the fall session starts in October 3.

Getting ready for 2024:

The next BC provincial election is presently set for just over a year from now, on October 19, 2024.

Electoral district boundaries are changing in BC; Vancouver Island will see several boundary changes, and an increase in the number of seats from 14 to 15.

There are presently two vacant MLA seats in the BC Legislative Assembly (one on Vancouver Island and the other in Vancouver) with by-elections likely coming up in June. Premier David Eby says the by-election date(s) will be announced shortly.

Mitzi will not see the Metchosin side of the riding among her constituency for the 2024 election, but will see Vic West added in the future Esquimalt-Colwood riding.

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Mary P Brooke, editor. Island Social Trends
Mary P Brooke, Editor, Island Social Trends.

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