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Merry Christmas at the end of a challenging year

Friday December 25, 2020 | LANGFORD, BC

Editor’s Christmas message

For this writing, it’s 12:03 am on December 25, 2020. It’s Christmas.

As many of us head into quiet hours now, there is gratitude. This Christmas weekend allows for time with our immediate households during this second hunkering down phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of us have had challenges this year due to the pandemic (people with greater financial resource or social advantage have had less difficulty), but we’ve made it through in various ways. And there’s hope for a complex but improving scenario for individuals, families, communities and economies in 2021 now that COVID-19 vaccine products are beginning to arrive and be made available. As well, the economic supports provided by government are increasingly adaptive and aiming to cover all the bases.

This Christmas 2020 message is a wish for peace, safety and good health to all of our readers, subscribers, advertisers, supporters and the entire community (and e-community), and in particular those who support the continuation of independent media. In democracy we need room for that thread of speaking ‘outside the box’ or — more accurately — to speak with truth ‘within the box’… a form of civic service that in various ways contributes to keeping the larger socioeconomic larger picture whole.

Whether for you this is a day of religion or belief or not, Christmas is a time of pause. When the world collectively chooses to pause and reflect, you can feel the pulse of peace.

Mary Brooke, editor, West Shore Voice News
Mary P Brooke, Editor and Publisher, Island Social Trends

May we always be blessed with the opportunity for that ‘moment of pause’ in our lives. May this Christmas weekend people find an opportunity to reflect on what it will take to move forward through and beyond this pandemic, both in our own personal lives, our households, our work life, our community and our broader society especially in the realms of both science and social restructuring. ~ Mary P Brooke, editor, Island Social Trends

Island Social Trends, Christmas banner 2020
Happy holidays from Island Social Trends.
stay at home, hashtag
In BC there is a public health order that requires people to stay at home with their own bubble this Christmas due to COVID-19.
Randall Garrison MP
Randall Garrison, MP (Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke)
Mitzi Dean, MLA, Esquimalt-Metchosin, Colwood
Mitzi Dean, MLA (Esquimalt-Metchosin)
John Horgan, Xmas ad
Season’s Greetings from the Hon John Horgan, MLA (Langford-Juan de Fuca)