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LANGFORD TRAFFIC: Hydro pole relocation on Langford Parkway

There may be some scheduled power interruptions.

Sunday March 5, 2023 | LANGFORD, BC [Public comments added March 6, 2023]

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

The heavily travelled Langford Parkway will see a few traffic disruptions through the rest of this month, due to BC Hydro transmission pole relocation.

Starting today Sunday March 5 through to Friday March 31 there will be traffic delays along Langford Parkway between Langford Lake Rd and Jacklin Rd, says Langford Engineering.

hydro poles, langford pkwy
This is the ‘before’ photo, on March 4, 2023 ahead of work by BC Hydro to relocate transmission poles along Langford Parkway in the Westhills commercial area, in Langford, BC. [Mary P Brooke / Island Social Trends]

The actual work area is between approximately west of Quality Foods over to and in front of Starlight Stadium. The City says that businesses will remain open, follow construction signage for access to businesses.

Stadium expansion goal:

Relocating the one pole in front of the stadium will allow for stadium seating expansion. In the past, BC Hydro has explained to Island Social Trends how other poles and lines will need to be relocated or adjusted as part of this project.

In June 2022 the BC Hydro pole relocation project was closer to fruition. Work got underway last year to prepare for work this spring 2023.

starlight stadium
On July 30, 2021, Starlight Stadium in Langford held their first post-pandemic crowd event (Pacific FC home game). [Island Social Trends]

Long-awaited project:

Until now, the overhead power lines were a safety problem for people that would have been seated below (although exemption was given for temporary use for an outdoor vendor area and the media cameras for sporting events at the arena.

The previous City of Langford Council under Mayor Stew Young worked for years in discussions and negotiations with the Province and BC Hydro, to make this pole relocation a reality.

The city for years had a goal of becoming a ‘national sports capital’ under the former mayor’s leadership. Starlight Stadium is owned by the city and will draw even larger crowds for sporting events and concerts once the stadium expansion to 10,000 seats gets done.

map, langford pkwy, westhills
BC Hydro pole replacement area along Langford Parkway, including in front of Starlight Stadium. [City of Langford Engineering]

Scheduled power interruptions:

Local businesses and residents — as well as some BC Hydro customers beyond the immediate area — may expect temporary scheduled power outages during this work.

“We are going to relocate the pole,” said BC Hydro spokesperson Ted Olynyk last year. “That’s a transmission line, it’s a 138kV transmission line, and it feeds the whole Western Communities.”

langford, traffic, bchydro

Indeed, when lines are actually ready to be moved, there will be scheduled power outages for large chunks of the west shore and other parts of south Vancouver Island.

The City of Langford (and/or BC Hydro) will presumably do an effective public relations campaign ahead of such a widespread outage.

24-hour traffic management:

Traffic will be single-lane alternating, 24 hours a day, with intermittent closures.

The City says that businesses will remain open, follow construction signage for access to businesses. Emergency vehicle access will be maintained at all times. Traffic control will be on-site directing traffic. Please prepare and adjust schedules as delays may be expected.

power outage

Public comments:

  • “We were through there Sunday. It felt like nobody factored in ask the traffic associated with the arena, bowling alley, RV show, and restaurant. I would like to acknowledge the patience and dedication that the flaggers displayed while dealing with the challenge.” ~ Trevor Botkin
  • “Definitely wasn’t alternating today. Sat on Leigh for 10 min while Langford Parkway was a constant stream. Gave up and turned around like most of the traffic. Whomever is doing the signs should be alternating like a stop light would.” ~ Lara Forbes
  • “Be prepared for a long wait!!! I got stuck in it this afternoon!!” ~ Sherri Eversfield

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