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David Merner picks up Judy Green support for Green party leadership

Membership sales close September 3 | members can vote Sept 25-Oct 3, 2020

Sunday August 30, 2020 | NATIONAL [Photo updated August 31, 2020]

by Mary P Brooke, B.Sc., Editor | Island Social Trends

Green Party leadership candidate David Merner was pleased to announce today that fellow candidate Judy Green has today just announced that she is joining the Merner team.  

“I really appreciate Judy’s support, but it’s also very unfortunate that she was not able to continue as a candidate in our Green Party leadership race. Her campaign was consistently very positive and Judy worked so amazingly hard for months and months.  I respect Judy and her campaign team immensely,’ said Merner in a statement today.

Green Party of Canada leadership candidates participated in a Zoom call answering questions about and from youth in the party, live online August 23, 2020.

During a live Zoom call debate among the nine candidates last weekend, Merner acknowledged Green’s points on a few topics. With like-minded interest, this is how politics goes… amalgamation to help assure a stronger finish in election results.

Green putting her campaign behind Merner’s means the race is now down from nine to eight candidates (from an initial set of 10). The slate of contenders is now comprised of: Annamie Paul, David Merner, Amita Kuttner, Glen Murray, Dimitri Lascaris, Meryam Haddad, Andrew West, and Dr Courtney Howard.

“We will be announcing Judy’s role on our team in the coming week. I’m hoping that she will take on a mentoring role with Evelyn Tanaka on our volunteer team, and that she will help us to create a safe, fun, and very positive space for all Greens who want to join our campaign!,” said Merner.

Judy Green maintains east-coast focus:  

To see the full statement by Judy, see her post on Facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/judyngreenforwestnova/posts/1585838311587407 where she says that “Canada needs us to bring the best policies forward and we need to work together for that to happen. David is the leader for these times. I look forward to working with David to achieve this goal.”

Judy Green says she will she be refocussing her efforts on preparing West Nova, and the Green Party of Nova Scotia, for the upcoming federal and provincial elections.

Leadership voting process:

September 3 is the last day to sign up as a Green Party member (age 14+). Only members can vote in the party’s leadership election. Online voting opens September 26 and runs to October 3.

The election of the Leader will use a one-member, one-vote system using a preferential ballot. A majority vote shall elect the Leader.

Merner’s campaign offers prizes:

Green Party of Canada leadership candidate David Merner (supplied)

With only three days left to sell Green Party members (ahead of the leadership voting cutoff), Merner’s team asks people to reach out to friends, family, neighbours, and anyone else who might be willing to join the Green Party and vote for the new leader. 

At davidmerner.com, interested people can click on “Join the Party”. The person who recruited the new member may email vote.merner@greenparty.ca to let their team know that they recruited the new member. “We will keep track of who signed up the most members and award great prizes. Let the Green wave begin!”

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