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BC points $29 million to businesses for more tech sector hiring

BC $15 million investment supported by partners topping up to $29 million. | Funds hiring for four months.

Monday September 27, 2021 | VICTORIA, BC

by Mary P Brooke, Editor | Island Social Trends

Today the BC Government took another partnered step with the primarily urban Victoria and Vancouver tech sector to help boost those businesses through enabling more targeted hiring.

More than 3,000 people from under-represented groups throughout the province will have more opportunities to join B.C.’s booming tech sector with the expansion of the Innovator Skills Initiative program, it was announced today by Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation.

The Province’s investment of $15 million is being supplemented by the partners, bringing the total investment into the Innovator Skills Initiative program to $29 million, it was announced at noon today in livestreamed media session.

The program will see the B.C. government partnering with Innovate BC, Mitacs and the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) to provide grants to businesses and non-profits to help under-represented people get their first job in the tech sector or in a tech-enabled role.

This initiative also helps businesses and non-profits facing skill shortages to grow.

Kahlon, Bailey, tech
Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation was joined in a press session by Brenda Bailey, Parliamentary Secretary for Technology and Innovation to unveil a new tech-sector hiring initiative, Sept 26, 201 in Victoria. [livestream]

Economy for everyone:

“We are building an economy that works for everyone – one that is sustainable, innovative and inclusive of all British Columbians. When COVID-19 swept the province, hardships fell disproportionately on many including Indigenous, Black, people of colour, youth, women and gender-diverse people, 2SLGBTQ+ and people from marginalized communities,” said Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation.

“At the same time, many B.C. companies are growing and need help filling in-demand technology roles. This program will help clear pathways for skilled, under-represented people who deserve meaningful, long-term employment that helps them support their families.”

Grants up to $10,000:

The Innovator Skills Initiative program provides B.C. companies with grants up to $10,000 per employee hired for technology jobs and tech-enabled roles. The grant covers a new employee’s salary for four months. There are 3,000 grants available. Organizations can apply for as many as 10 positions.

The underpinning assumption is that the businesses which accept these grants will find themselves in a growth-enabling economic environment within the short term, as they will need to be able to carry the new salary expense on their own after four months.

This is clearly targeted to businesses that are fully well up and running and, generally speaking, not damaged by the pandemic-impacted economy. It’s a creative second-tier approach to helping businesses that can fast-fuel the employment profile in the province’s tech sector, and with a longer-term view to the economic spin-offs of a new successful employee and a business that will presumably expand through the work of the new employee.

Program re-design:

The program has been redesigned to provide employers with access to larger grants, doubling the previous maximum grant amount from $5,000 to $10,000 per employee to hire workers who are either students or who already have industry-recognized credentials. The government says that the redesign also makes the program more inclusive by prioritizing placements for people who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and historically under-represented in the technology sector. Preference is given to employers hiring candidates who self-identify as Indigenous, Black, people of colour, women and non-binary people, 2SLGBTQ+ and people from under-represented communities.

The program redesign is a result of consultations with multiple stakeholders held by Brenda Bailey, Parliamentary Secretary for Technology and Innovation (engagement sessions were held from May 2021 to July 2021 with 21 organizations that support under-represented communities; surveys were also distributed to approximately 200 stakeholder organizations that support under-represented communities, as well as to more than 220 industry stakeholders, including previous Innovation Skills Initiative grant recipients).

Participants included the First Nations Technology Council, Black Entrepreneurs and Businesses of Canada, MOSAIC, Inclusion BC, HR Tech Group, and Ethos Lab, among others. In addition, hundreds of surveys were distributed online to stakeholder organizations, industry groups and previous grant recipients.

Discussions with industry were led by the Gerri Sinclair, B.C.’s innovation commissioner.

Building the tech job sector:

ravi kahlon
Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation: “Making sure everyone gets a benefit to participating in economic recovery.” ~ Sept 27, 2021

“I want to thank everyone who provided invaluable input to the Innovator Skills Initiative program redesign. With your expertise, we have created a program that will help more people become part of our strong, innovative and inclusive technology sector with career starts that can lead to permanent, good jobs,” Bailey said during the news presentation today with Minister Kahlon.

“With the program changes in place, B.C. companies will have an easier time accessing the program and quickly putting new employees with the right technology skills in place. By consulting with businesses and people from marginalized communities, we have created a program that will help strengthen the diversity of the tech sector.”

Applications open until funds run out:

Applications are open until spring 2022 or until the funds are disbursed. Positions may be available throughout British Columbia and are dependent on the businesses that apply for the grants.

“Technology is needed for most companies to expand and reach new markets. The Innovator Skills Initiative can help B.C. businesses hire the technology workers they need to move forward,” said Raghwa Gopal, president and CEO, Innovate BC. “The program also gives participants valuable paid experience that can lead to a long-term job within the same company or open a door to another job opportunity.”

The Innovator Skills Initiative program is intended to help support strong economic growth by placing thousands of people in technology focused jobs and helping businesses and non-profits expand. It will serve as a critical building block as government develops B.C.’s economic plan that will help the province build toward a more innovative, sustainable and inclusive future.

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Sector Quotes (provided by Government):

“ICTC is thrilled to partner with the B.C. Ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation on the Innovator Skills Initiative program. This pivotal partnership will expand upon ICTC’s WIL Digital program to provide businesses in B.C. with added financial support and will be instrumental in acquiring innovation-ready students for tomorrow’s economy. This is particularly critical for accelerating British Colombia’s digital-led economic recovery in an increasingly global and competitive landscape.” ~ Namir Anani, president and CEO, ICTC

“Mitacs is pleased to support the redesigned B.C. Innovator Skills Initiative program. Ensuring that under-represented groups are given the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in innovative sectors is critical to providing a more equitable post-COVID-19 economic recovery and to building a brighter future for B.C. and for Canada.” ~ John Hepburn, CEO and scientific director, Mitacs

stew young, chris loranger, ravi kahlon
Announcing the relocation of Plexxis Software to Langford on September 10, 2021 (from left): Langford Mayor Stew Young, Plexxis Software CEO Chris Loranger, and Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation Ravi Kahlon. [Island Social Trends]

“As a small business with limited cash flows, it is an ongoing challenge to grow our team and make progress on innovation initiatives. The Innovative Skills Program supplied us with the resources needed to break past this financial barrier and connect with brilliant talent, like Avery Noonan, who we likely couldn’t have worked with otherwise. We are grateful for the many doors this funding has opened.” ~ Ben Walter, partnerships and growth specialist, Pocketed

“The Innovative Skills Program allowed me to explore career opportunities in tech outside of academia; a transition that can be a challenge for many graduate students. Not only was I able to land the initial internship with Pocketed, but I was able to secure ongoing employment and still work with the company today.” ~ Avery Noonan, data engineer, Pocketed

Funding details:

The B.C. government is investing $15 million in the Innovator Skills Initiative. The funding, partnership and placement breakdown is as follows:

  • The B.C. government is investing $3 million and Mitacs is investing $4.5 million. This combined funding will support 750 Innovator Skills Initiative placements.
  • The B.C. government is investing more than $3.1 million and ICTC is investing nearly $9.4 million through the Work-Integrated Learning Subsidy top-up. This combined funding will support 1,250 placements.
  • The B.C. government is investing nearly $8.9 million through Innovate BC. This funding will support 1,000 Innovator Skills Initiative placements.
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The redesigned Innovator Skills Initiative program will help under-represented people get the work experience they need to create lasting employment and to help employers fill technology talent shortages. The redesigned elements are:

  • Grants have been increased from $5,000 to $10,000 per employee.
  • Employers can receive as many as 10 Innovator Skills Initiative program grants for 10 different employees per year. This is up from two grants.
  • Employers are encouraged to hire an individual for a minimum four-month period with the intent of offering a permanent position if the individual’s quality of work and suitability are a match, and if the employee is interested. Historically, the program provided grants to businesses to only hire students. Under the changes, businesses can use the program to hire people who already have credentials and for ongoing employment.
  • The program supports businesses to hire students for paid co-op roles, as well as those who have recent industry-recognized certifications, micro-credential training or post-secondary experience to gain specific skills, such as digital marketing, web design and e-commerce. Previously, only students enrolled in a post-secondary institution were eligible for the Innovator Skills Initiative program.
  • The Mitacs program will support businesses looking for talent to solve their innovation challenges, while providing internships for students.
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Eligibility criteria for candidates include:

* Must be eligible to work in B.C., including international students.

* Be enrolled at an accredited post-secondary institute in B.C. or have already completed recognized training or have graduated.

* Co-op students and internships are eligible.

* Preference is given to candidates who self-identify as part of an under-represented group, such as Indigenous, Black, people of colour, women, people living with a visible or invisible disability, 2SLGBTQ+, neurodiverse (e.g., autistic), youth from care and others.

* Applicants who feel they are part of an under-represented community not included in this list are able to self-identify as under-represented.

Eligibility criteria for businesses:

* Employers must be one of the following:
* A technology business or technology non-profit operating in B.C. and hiring for a business or technology role

* A non-technology business or non-technology non-profit operating in B.C. hiring for a technology role

* A B.C.-based post-secondary or local-regional authority hiring for a technology role

* The employer must offer a high-quality, paid work experience that will prepare the person for long-term employment within their company or for another job at a different company.

* Preference is given to employers who hire people who self-identify as part of an under-represented group, such as Indigenous, Black, people of colour, women, 2SLGBTQ+, people living with a visible or invisible disability, neurodiverse (e.g., autistic), youth from care and others.

* Program grants are available to B.C. businesses of all sizes.

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About the partners:

Innovate BC encourages the development and application of advanced or innovative technologies to meet the needs of industry in B.C. It is a Crown agency of the Province of British Columbia. Innovate BC supports the Ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation to achieve its mandate, including:

  • to grow B.C.’s technology sector;
  • champion innovation;
  • nurture small businesses;
  • support economic development throughout the province; and
  • promote B.C. internationally as a preferred place to invest and do business.

Mitacs is a not-for-profit organization supported by governments and academic institutions across the country that fosters growth and innovation in Canada by solving business challenges with research solutions from academic institutions.

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ICTC WIL Digital is an innovative work-integrated learning program that helps employers grow their businesses by providing financial assistance for hiring post-secondary students. The program is funded by the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement program.

More than 1,250 people have accessed the Innovator Skills Initiative program to April 2021. These 3,000 new placements will bring the total to more than 4,250 program participants.


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===== LINKS (provided by BC Government):

Businesses interested in applying for the Innovator Skills program can apply here: https://www.innovatebc.ca/programs/hiring-grants/innovator-skills-initiative/

Innovator Skills Initiative, eligibility criteria and to apply:


To learn more about Innovate BC: https://www.innovatebc.ca/

To learn more about Mitacs: https://www.mitacs.ca/en

To learn more about the Information and Communications Technology Council, visit: https://www.ictc-ctic.ca/

To learn more about Information and Communications Technology Council’s WIL Digital program, visit: https://www.wil-ait.digital/en/