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Sunny day dry-weather power outage in Metchosin

Thursday July 15, 2021 | METCHOSIN, BC

by Mary P Brooke, Editor | Island Social Trends

Since 4:44 pm today there’s been a power outage impacting 982 BC Hydro customers in the Metchosin area (to the edge of Colwood near Latoria Road) due to a tree down on wires.

Summer power outages are of course less frequent than in winter when lines and other equipment can freeze, and when windy weather is frequent.

Today on the west shore it’s been a tad windy under bright skies, but not extraordinarily so. But the forest is dry after more than a month with no measurable rainfall, allowing trees to more easily uproot and fall. In the affected area there would be winds coming off the ocean, which could be stronger.

Sparks from a downed line could possibly contribute to a wildfire under such conditions.

Today Emergency Management BC said in a news conference that in this dry weather than everyone in BC should be prepared with a grab-and-go bag. The Juan de Fuca Emergency Program suggests having such a kit for every member of the household, including pets.

Check for updates:

The BC Hydro restoration/repair crew estimated time of arrival on site is 6:05 pm. | Check for outage updates on the BC Hydro outages page.

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Always be prepared for power outages.