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Starlight Stadium adapting to 50 percent capacity in Step 3

Tuesday June 29, 2021 | LANGFORD, BC [Updated at 6:40 pm]

by Mary P Brooke, Editor | Island Social Trends

The Provincial Health Officer stated today that event gatherings during BC Recovery Step 3 (starting July 1, 2021) can hold up to 5,000 people *or* 50% of a venue that can handle up to 5,000 people, whichever is greater.

Normally the stadium in Langford can hold up to 6,000 people for sports events.

So while half of that is 3,000, likely now the Starlight Stadium will be able to accommodate a capacity number up to 5,000 for sports events (the greater of the two figures). This is yet to be confirmed.

All teams that use Starlight Stadium — including Pacific FC and Rugby Canada — will be working on their health and safety plans and approvals with health officials. Planned capacity levels are unknown at this point.

Last week the Pacific FC coach said it was helpful that BC was allowing some easing of public health restrictions as the team prepared for the 2021 season.

Starlight Stadium (formerly Westhills Stadium, with the name change taking effect April 1, 2021) is owned and operated by the City of Langford.

The stadium opening was held with a big splash in April 2019. Pacific FC held their inaugural season that year, through to October. The pandemic hit in spring 2020, impacting the second season (a one-city season was held in summer 2020 in PEI). This year’s third Pacific FC season started this past weekend with Canadian Premier League matches held in Winnipeg.

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