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Motorcycle repair shop celebrates business shift

Duncan’s Speed and Cycle grand opening celebrates a good approach to business

Duncan's Speed & Cycle, Langford business, motorcycles
Celebrating the opening of Duncan's Speed & Cycle in Langford on June 15, 2019 [West Shore Voice News photo]

Sunday, June 16, 2019 ~ LANGFORD

~ by Mary P Brooke, West Shore Voice News

Island motorcyclists brought their bikes and party-energy to celebrate with motorcycles and entertainment at the grand opening of a motorcycle repair shop in Langford on Saturday afternoon, June 15.

Duncan’s Speed and Cycle opened their doors on Dunford Avenue in Langford — as a business purchase from the outgoing and retiring Phoenix Cycle — on March 1. But warm summer weather and the time it takes to revise and reorganize with their own style brought shop owner Duncan Rourke to mid-June for the celebration.

motorcycles, service and repairs, Duncan's Speed & Cycle
Duncan Rourke has opened his own Duncan’s Speed and Cycle motorcycle repair shop in Langford [West Shore Voice News photo – Mary Brooke]

At the microphone at noon there was cake and thanks for the retiring owner and hurrahs for the new owner. The mellow but attentive Rourke slid through the many components of the party event with the same confidence that brought him out of a 22-year career working for Harley-Davidson into owning his own shop.

For Rourke, 52, owning his own motorcycle repair shop is a dream that started when he was just a teen. Someone at that time gave him a miniature toy Mattel motorcycle branded with the words “Duncan’s Motorcycles”. The dream was fused.

motorcycle, toys, Mattel
Small toy motorcycle set the dream in motion [West Shore Voice News photo]

But it’s not just the dream that made this day happen, it’s the business acumen. “I don’t have to make all the money on every sale,” says Rourke, observing with critique how bigger companies would operate. “I want a customer for life,” he calmly stated with indisputable conviction as the chopper crowd partied just beyond at high-decibel range.

“It’s no real secret,” says Rourke. “Give people a fair price on a good product and treat them the way they want to be treated.” That’s his motto for business longevity. He watched a friend and mentor in business — Gordon Wilkins — for years. “Every time I saw him demonstrate that, the benefits came back.”

Duncan’s Speed and Cycle carries a fully stocked parts department which is appreciated by his customers both locally and from around Vancouver Island. Bikers can come to the shop, or order parts online.

“I bought an existing business and ramped it up,” said Rourke on Saturday. He’s hired a second technician and brought in marketing support. And there’s “lots of hustle”… starting the day early and ending late.

Duncan’s Speed and Cycle is located at 945 Dunford Avenue near the corner of Jacklin Road in central Langford.

retirement cake, Phoenix Cycle, Duncan's Speed & Cycle
Retirement cake for Ted Gordon, owner of the previous Phoenix Cycle that has become Duncan’s Speed & Cycle shop [West Shore Voice News photo]

“From the moment the garage doors rolled-up and the open sign flickered on, we have been packed with bikes for service and repairs,” Rourke was quoted in a news release ahead of the day. Apparently he is already being forced to look for a bigger lease location to meet demand. “People often want the local shop experience where they can count on staff going the extra mile to ensure extra miles of trouble-free riding.”

Rourke brings a loyal following from his former position at the island Harley franchise. He is joined by mechanics Dave Gerty and Mark Druwe.

The grand opening event paid tribute to the 21-year legacy of Ted Gordon upon his retirement from the former Phoenix Cycle; both he and his shop were at one time featured in a TV segment of Farkle Garage.