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Green Party leadership candidates: 10-pack in 2020

Candidate campaign info available by email.

Sunday June 14, 2020 ~ NATIONAL

by Mary Brooke, editor ~ West Shore Voice News

It’s a big shift for the Green Party of Canada to see the burden of the movement for protection of the environment shift mainly from the shoulders of one person (Elizabeth May) who carried it for decades.

And for Canadians — who over the decades have become sensitized and organized around environmental protection from a number of movements locally, in Canada and around the world — to now see active political interest in leading the Greens in Canada. Particularly during a pandemic, a time in which no one faint of heart seeks political office.

On Friday June 12, the Green Party of Canada announced their slate of leadership candidates. Ten candidates!

One or two faces have instant name recognition for many people — including David Merner who frequently appeared on a shared campaign trail with May on south Vancouver Island in 2019. But otherwise this a brave new group facing a new world scenario that requires nothing less than resolve, hard work, and a seeking of results not for the glory but the outcomes for the entire population.

Green Party leadership candidates, 2020
Green Party leadership candidates: 10-pack in 2020. (From left): Annamie Paul, David Merner, Amita Kuttner, Glen Murray, Dylan Perceval-Maxwell, Dimitri Lascaris, Meryam Haddad, Judy N Green, Andrew West, Courtney Howard.

“Join us in watching the race unfold as the 10 contestants from all across Canada bring a diverse and exciting range of perspectives to the leadership table,” it was stated in a Green Party of Canada release.

Here is the official contest lineup (alphabetically): Judy N Green, Meryam Haddad, Courtney Howard, Amita Kuttner, Dimitri Lascaris, David Merner, Glen Murray, Annamie Paul, Dylan Perceval-Maxwell, and Andrew West.

Candidate info by email:

During the physical distancing of the COVID-19 pandemic it will be pretty tough for candidates of any party to make personal appearances in community.

So the party has offered that anyone who wants to hear directly from the contestants on the campaign trail may sign up for each of the candidate’s email lists….. one click at and you’re in.

Online & TV debates:

All 10 candidates will present their visions for the Green Party in two debates this month. Overall, the theme of campaigns and debates is about revisioning Canada and society during and beyond the pandemic.

  • Fair Vote Canada has organized a Green Party leadership debate on democracy, hosted by Elizabeth May and Jim Harris. That’s on Sunday June 21 at 4 pm Pacific. To watch, pre-register online.
  • Ontario-based TVO will host a debate moderated by Steve Paikin, on Tuesday June 23 at 12 noon PDT on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There will also be televised debate on June 23 and 24 at 5 pm Pacfic.

Leadership vote:

Voting for the next Green Party leader opens on September 3 (purchase or renewal of membership is required by September 3). Online voting will open September 26, 2020. Members age 14+ are eligible to vote!

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