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A bit of roadside gravelwork in Langford

Friday July 29, 2022 | LANGFORD, BC

by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

Where there are no sidewalks in Langford, sometimes the roadside gravel is topped up and leveled off by City of Langford works personnel.

Like this location in the Happy Valley area, on Hazelwood Road this week.

Cars park along the side of the road and the Canada Post community mailbox is visited frequently. This wears down the gravel over time. (There is paving in front of the mailbox but not on either side of that concrete pad.)

gravel, roadside
Langford roadwork equipment, July 2022. [Island Social Trends]
Ready to install gravel, July 2022. [Island Social Trends]
gravel, roadside
Roadside gravel worn down over time, as seen here July 2022. [Island Social Trends]

There is a sidewalk on the other side of the street.

There’s not so much wear-and-tear on vehicles when the gravel is level with the paved road.

Canada Post and city:

gravel, mailbox
Unpaved area next to Canada Post community mailbox in Langford, July 29, 2022. [Island Social Trends]

The Canada Post corporation is responsible for the area directly in front of community mailboxes to make sure they are safe and allow for unimpeded access for customers and employees, said Canada Post media relations rep, Nicole Lecompte, last year.

canada post, community mailbox
Foliage around Canada Post community mailbox in summer 2021 during the drought. [Island Social Trends – July 2021]

“Outside of this area is considered municipal property and each municipality has its own by-laws with respect to city property maintenance,” the Canada Post rep told Island Social Trends in July 2021.

Maintenance of foliage around the Canada Post mailbox was taken care of by the municipality last year.

monk office, 70th

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