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SD62 Sept 2023 waitlists for Nature K and French Immersion

26 kids on Nature K waitlist, 12 waiting on French Immersion Kindergarten

Friday January 20, 2023 | LANGFORD, BC [Update January 24, 2023: so far there are 814 children registered for Kindergarten — Nature K and French Immersion, and part-way through Regular Kindergarten registration which is open to 3 pm Jan 27, 2023. Associate Superintendent Paul Block says that is a bit low for Regular Kindergarten, but there are still three more days for registration.]

Sooke school district news | by Mary P Brooke | Island Social Trends

The popularity of Nature Kindergarten and French Immersion Kindergarten proves strong for the 2023-2024 school year in Sooke School District (SD62).

The 29 schools in SD62 are located in Langford, Colwood and Sooke.

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Nature Kindergarten is popular in our moderate west shore climate.

The registration for Nature K and French Immersion K was available online January 9 to 13, for a September 2023 start. Filling up the available seats is done by lottery, as there are almost always more registrants than available spots.

Children who turn age 5 years in 2023 (i.e. born in 2018) are eligible for Kindergarten for a September 2023 start. Across BC, there are 853 hours of instruction for each Kindergarten child through the academic year.

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Waitlist Nature K:

Nature Kindergarten (aka Nature K) is offered at two elementary schools: Sangster Elementary in Colwood and Saseenos Elementary in Sooke. There are 20 seats at each school for the Nature K program. After the Jan 9 to 13 registration period, these are the waitlists:

  • Sangster Nature K (in Colwood) had availability for 20 students; 24 are waitlisted. (45 families attended the required pre-registration info session)
  • Saseenos Nature K (in Sooke) had availability for 20 students; 2 are waitlisted. (32 families attended the required pre-registration info session)

Prior to the opening of registration, parents were required to attend one of the one-hour Nature K info sessions (one held at each of Sangster and Saseenos, whether the child would be registered at one or the other).

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Outdoor play at Saseenos Elementary in Sooke. [Saseenos Elementary School website]

Waitlist French Immersion:

A total of 144 French Immersion Kindergarten seats are offered in SD62, across three schools: John Stubbs (in Colwood), Millstream Elementary (in Langford), and at Ecole Poirier (in Sooke). After the Jan 9 to 13 registration period, these are the waitlists:

  • John Stubbs (in Colwood) had availability for 80 students; 8 are waitlisted.
  • Millstream (in Langford) had availability for 24 students; 4 are waitlisted.
  • Poirier (in Sooke) had availability for 40 students; currently no waitlist.

Regular Kindergarten registration coming up:

Online registration for SD62 Regular Kindergarten starts at 8 am on Monday January 23 and runs to 3 pm on Friday January 27.

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